False Flags, Crisis Actors, Gun Control, and the New World Order–The End Game Is Nigh

What is the significance of the year 1776? Those increasingly diminishing Americans that have any knowledge of this nation’s history will certainly have the answer, however there was indeed another event that same year, celebrated on May 1st, the founding of the Bund der Perfektibilisten, or Covenant of Perfectibility in Bavaria by Adam Weishaupt. It was not until April 1778 that the order became the Illuminatenorden, or Order of Illuminati.

Are we all so brainwashed, so indoctrinated by the propaganda machinery of the small cadre of transnational, technocratic ruling elites of wealth and power that have slowly, over many generations, consolidated their control over every western nation, that we can no longer believe what we see and hear? The evidence of what is going on in America and around the globe is overwhelming, but most refuse to let this evidence disturb their comfortable cocoon of cognitive dissonance, prefabricated mental constructs, even though they are induced by external forces and self-delusion. We are, however, coming to the end game.

BREXIT, Trump, Sanders, the revolt against the two major trade deals, deals that are essential to the plan of global corporate rule, all raise the stakes that will likely require a more forceful, overt response from the threatened power structure. After all, it has taken well over a hundred years to arrive at the final act of a very well performed play and the key actors on the world stage will never relinquish their roles without prejudice. 


Source: False Flags, Crisis Actors, Gun Control, and the New World Order – YouTube