False Flags Are Real – Professor Jim Fetzer – PDX 911 Truth – (hat-tip Dr.Paul Craig Roberts)

In this automated complex world we live in today, no amount of objective and clear cut evidence is enough to break through the mass deception. Few are capable of truly thinking on their own and looking at the evidence completely independently of mass media mouthpieces and politician speeches.

42FalseFlagsAs always, government denies the accusations and without doing any research many people blindly accept the government’s denial as evidence of innocence. Furthermore as government and their mouthpiece media denies the accusation, it is somehow up to you to “prove” your accusation as if the government lie is the established accepted truth which itself needs no proof. When you do the work to introduce evidence, your evidence is disregarded as conspiracy theories regardless of how strong it is, all because (as in the example given above) government chooses to deny it.

We hear accusations blamed on government all the time (9/11, JFK, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Oklahoma City bombing, chemtrails etc).

On TV government is portrayed as a force whose intentions are benevolent, and one who carries the power of truth and justice. Of course, nothing can be further from the truth.

 == The Art of Overcoming the New World Order (Suarez, Bernie)

Watch the full presentation. To believe the narratives of a corrupt and deadly government is to obrogate your responsibilities as a conscious human being and as a citizen of this nation. Do not underestimate the willingness of the very inner circles of the power elite to  sacrifice American lives for their political, economic and warped ideological beliefs.

I know that good people find it very difficult to believe that their government can be so evil or that such significant conspiracies and well planned false flag events could possibly happen anywhere, let alone in America. How could all of those people remain silent for so long without leaking the presumed conspiratorial truths?

I refer, once again, to the known conspiracies, one being the 40 plus years of Operation Gladio, whose CIA/MI6/NATO controllers, conducted a bloody terror campaign across Europe within the borders of our presumed allies to be blamed on the communists and leftists we wished to discredit. Only publicly outed in the 1990 trial of Aldo Moro, only reported upon once! in the US and quickly buried under the weight of attention to the first Gulf War and very likely still exists today.

How many thousands of members of the militaries involved, the domestic right wing terrorists employed and the various senior members of the governments and secret services of the nations engaged over 40 years kept silent? I would guess we are talking about many thousands, if not more.

The American government and many, many governments around the world have conducted over the years countless false flag events with the specific purpose of benefiting a select, limited agenda or to accrete the wealth of the power elites of the inner circles of the infinitely corrupt.

The death of Americans is irrelevant, if it were a justified consideration, the American ruling elites would not be so willing to send hundreds of thousands of Americans to their deaths on foreign fields of war, usually those instigated or entered upon by American efforts and false flag events. We are fodder for the military industrial and finance complex, we always have been and will be until we rise up and reclaim our nation and our rights.

A free person with a clear mind, free of government engineered propaganda is a powerful tool with potential that is unlimited. The magic of living in a world where a controlled media and government does not even play a role in your life and your thinking process is a magic you cannot imagine until you cross that bridge.

Should we not care that a few dummies at the top want to enslave the rest of the species with disinformation and lies that appeal to our lower more primitive sections of our brains?

History and see how governments have used false flag operations for political gain in the past. The fact of the matter is that false flag operations have been a commonly used tactic employed by past governments to justify attacking select enemies, waging wars, and implementing new legislation that gives government more power and the individual less freedoms.

Beneficiaries stand naked in the eyes of history. Alone they stand, hoping that humanity will look the other way, not notice or chalk up their improbable luck to coincidence. When government stands alone as the prime beneficiary of a false flag, that should set off a major red flag in your head.

Resist the temptation to believe these supposedly coincidental events conveniently allow for change in legislation to increase their power and take away the power from the people. Resist in every way possible entertaining the plausibility of these wild coincidental events. Ask yourself, when has a suspected false flag event ever lead to MORE freedoms?? Or when has a suspected false flag helped DEFEAT the new world order plans? These are actually all reasonable questions.

Government false flags almost always have a patsy (or patsies) designated to take the blame. This patsy seems to always have a connection/relationship/history of interaction with the US government and its alphabet organizations (FBI, CIA, DHS etc). This relationship with the government entities is always ignored or down-played by the controlled government mouthpiece mainstream media. They always act as though the relationship is not real or not relevant. Amazingly, the patsy’s history always leads back to government. The patsy always denies doing it or tells the world they are being set up. Patsies are always eventually murdered, silenced, tortured or all the above.

On the day of the event there seems to always be at least one drill going on nearby. As truth seekers have learned very well by now, drills are a central part of these false flags. In the heat of the US false flag shootings ramped up in 2013, schools throughout the country began officially running “active shooter” drills, the perfect cover and rehearsal for a climate of planned ongoing staged crisis actor shootings!

Government agents and entities often stage a massive presence at the event or scene of the crime, in many cases in advance just prior to the event. Despite this improbable timing many in America chalk this up to coincidence which there is no such thing as, when it comes to politically motivated seemingly coordinated events.

Observing the mainstream media is one of the early keys to understanding false flags. Look for huge overplayed 24/7 “Breaking News”. This type of news coverage is extremely important in setting up the early narrative and is always sensational, over the top and continuous. Stories are repeated and told by various mouthpieces in almost exactly the same way. As always, early on, the controlled mainstream media finds itself struggling to lay out the initial narrative. They (the media) find themselves making gross errors but government steps in and declares the changing narratives within the first few days (or weeks) even if the story is contradictory to what was being said the first day.

The media coverage of this specific event will supersede coverage of any other tragedy or event. No matter what else is happening, government does not allow other events to get in the way of their planned false flags.

Too much has been invested to get the reaction and subsequent politically motivated solution to come. This is an important observation to make in identifying government false flags. We saw this particularly during the Boston bombing event in April 2013 when on that same day a horrific massacre occurred in Iraq with scores of people dead and on that same day a missile took out a Monsanto rival company plant in Texas. Two huge events with almost no mention from mainstream media as they focused only on the Boston marathon staged pressure cooker detonation.

==The Art of Overcoming the New World Order (Suarez, Bernie)