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The Miseducation of America. She details a story that could be told about countries throughout the world because the Archon networks follow the same global agenda. Iserbyt’s book is based on documents she took from the files of the Department of Education in Washington where she worked. The documents reveal a calculated plan to transform the education system into a means of mass perception programming to create ignorant and compliant adults who would serve government and corporations like unquestioning robots and support the agenda for the centralised control of humanity through a world government. ‘Education’ is actually the conditioning of perception of self and the world to remove all moral, psychological and perceptual barriers to the desired social change and the descent into full-blown slavery. The system is designed to instil the following life-long perceptions: •Truth comes from authority. •Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat. •Accurate memory and repetition are rewarded. •Non-compliance is punished. •Conform intellectually and socially.

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I Promise to be a Good Citizen

The nearly 30 sixth-graders at Bucknell Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia stood at their desks, raised their right hands, and recited in unison a pledge they knew well: “I accept the position of junior special agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I promise to be a good citizen. I will obey all the laws of my country and do my best in school. I will make the right choices by remaining drug free, staying in school, and practicing non-violent behavior in handling difficult situations.”

Posen, Amtseinführung Arthur GreiserThat pledge begins every session of the FBI’s Junior Special Agent Program, which aims to give fifth- and sixth-graders in disadvantaged neighborhoods the skills and discipline they need to steer clear of gangs, drugs, and crime.

Located just outside the District of Columbia, Bucknell was one of the first schools to embrace the FBI’s Adopt-A-School outreach program 20 years ago. Now, the Washington Field Office administers the program to six schools in and around the nation’s capital, dispatching agents and other Bureau employees throughout the school year to be tutors and mentors to more than 300 young people annually.

“During the past two decades we have reached thousands of kids,” said Special Agent William Woodson. “Our goal is to provide opportunities for these young people who might not have had them otherwise.”

The Junior Special Agent Program at Bucknell consists of core blocks of instruction that integrate with classroom curriculum. For example, when the students learn about the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation, they take field trips to battlefield sites and the U.S. Capitol to reinforce what they learn. Funds for the trips are provided by the local Citizens Academy Alumni Association, a non-profit organization that supports the Adopt-A-School Program and uses no taxpayer money. The students also meet a variety of FBI agents who talk to them about gangs and drugs, as well as core values such as integrity, respect, and honesty. And the program requires students to exercise on a regular basis.

I promise to be a good citizen!!!

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