FBI’s Deputy Director and FBI Brass Secretly Conspired to Wage Coup Against Flynn & Trump -Arrest Him NOW

FBI’s Deputy Director and FBI Brass Secretly Conspired to Wage Coup Against Flynn & Trump -Arrest Him NOW

Why in the name of God has President Trump not had this insider and all of his FBI treasonous cronies arrested and tried for treason and other crimes, least of which, given his extremely close ties to the Clinton’s, the pedophilia complex of the power elites in Washington. Once again, I say these subversive, treasonous pigs undermining what is left of American democracy are not acting out against the political, social or economic ideology of President Trump and his cabinet, they are seeking to overthrow his administration because he is not one of the corrupted ones, the perverse, deviant and immoral elites that have ruled this nation for far too long. They are afraid of the veil of lies that has fogged the brains of the American people being washed away by the truth. They are afraid of going to prison, perhaps even being shot at dawn by an outraged awakened America.  

Something’s happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.

We Americans have long regarded coups as undesirable political turmoil afflicting nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America in which governments are changed by force rather than through the ballot box. During the past several weeks, political commentators are beginning to use the word when describing the series of events that began last summer with the claim that Russia was somehow interfering in our national election on behalf of one candidate.

To be sure, no one expects the country’s armed forces to march on the White House and force Donald Trump out, but some commentators are suggesting that a political environment is deliberately being created that will either make it impossible for Trump to govern or, if the pieces fall together nicely, will provide grounds for impeachment. As those who might be promoting that kind of regime change are civilians who will not be resorting to armed insurrection, it might be most correct to refer to the possible coup as “soft” or even “stealth.” Conservative radio host and author Mark Levinrefers to it as a “silent coup.”

Coup or legitimate political pushback depends on which side of the fence one is standing on. There are two competing narratives to choose from and there is inevitably considerable gray area in between depending on what turns out to be true. One narrative, coming from the Trump camp, is that President Obama used the nation’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies plus judicious leaks of classified information and innuendo to the media to sabotage Trump during and after the campaign. This was largely done by spreading malicious claims about the campaign’s associates, linking them to criminal activity and even suggesting that they had been subverted to support Russian interests. As of this date, none of the “Manchurian candidate” allegations have been supported by evidence because they are not true. The intention of the Obama/Clinton campaign is to explain the election loss in terms acceptable to the Democratic Party, to hamstring and delegitimize the new administration coming in, and to bring about the resignation or impeachment of Donald Trump. It is in all intents and purposes a coup, though without military intervention, as it seeks to overturn a completely legal and constitutional election.

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Source: EXCLUSIVE: FBI’s Own Political Terror Plot; Deputy Director and FBI Brass Secretly Conspired to Wage Coup Against Flynn & Trump | True Pundit