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Under every rock the worms crawl in the slime of corruption. Is there not one honest member of the Obama administration or the bureaucracies he and his masters command? Apparently not. Washington DC was once a mosquito infested swamp and that is exactly what it should be returned to.

We, the sovereign people of the United States do not require the destructive corruption of the Leviathan we have allowed to rule us, we do not need this government at all–unless you are one of the protected class and these, on both sides of the wealth curve, will end up eating each other alive before we are free again. Not only must we “End the Fed” but we should end the entire Federal bureaucratic State along with it. All power should be returned to the states and the local communities. 

parallel-mafia-logoA single television station has been granted a significant exception to the Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming broadcast spectrum overhaul — a station whose operators made joint campaign contributions to a key lawmaker with oversight authority over the FCC.

House Energy & Commerce Committee Ranking Democrat Henry Waxman — who oversees the FCC — received more than $12,000 in campaign contributions from three television executives in danger of losing broadcast rights after their company missed a crucial agency deadline. The company was subsequently granted the sole exception to the FCC’s rule.

“The timing of the campaign donations is very suspicious,” a source at the FCC familiar with the spectrum deliberations told The Daily Caller. “It appears that you can buy special favors from the FCC worth millions of dollars by giving money to Democrats.  Would the result have been the same if the company’s executives were Republican donors?  I doubt it.”

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