The FDA is Criminally Corrupt–This is a massive, ongoing conspiracy

Where is the outrage???

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With overwhelming evidence of corruption at the FDA and at almost, if not all government agencies, the American people have become equally and overwhelmingly lobotomized and silent.

images corruptionWe have a President suffering from one of the most dangerous cases of Narcissistic Personality Disorder ever to reside in the White House, who’s totally politically motivated tears when announcing his unconstitutional gun control actions over the death of 30,000 citizens in America from gun violence, without mentioning the fact that suicide deaths were 20,000 of that number. Yet, the FDA has, in effect, murdered hundreds of thousands of Americans through faulty drug approvals, as well as denials of natural remedies, all in subservience to the pharmaceutical industry.

What major initiatives  has  this administration, or any prior administration undertaken to reduce the estimated 300,000-400,000 Americans that die every single year due to the power of the pharma and healthcare services industry and a corrupt FDA?

Follow the power and the money. There are no such things as government conspiracies? Bullshit…

FDA has known processed meat causes cancer since the 1970s, but continues to cover up truth to protect meat industry.

(click) FDA has known processed meat causes cancer since the 1970s but continues to cover up truth to protect

Every day millions of people take medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, trusting that they not only work, but are safe because they’ve been reviewed and approved by government agencies like the FDA.

But now, yet another study has come out showing massive corruption behind FDA-approved drugs that are basically worthless and, too often, end up being dangerous to your health.

The latest study includes a review of the antiviral influenza drug Tamiflu (oseltamivir), which was pushed on the world during the 2009 influenza pandemic and heralded as THE intervention for the so-called deadly swine flu.

What researchers found in retrospect is that much information that regulators should have known about the efficacy and safety of this drug was either hidden or ignored, making it impossible for independent researchers to scrutinize the big picture.

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Whom can you trust? We live in a particularly cunning age of corporate deception. Where the governmental organizations trusted to regulate “the bad guys” are in bed with them, yet fervently deny it in the face of mounting evidence and pressure.

Meet Robert Califf: a former professor of cardiology at Duke University School of Medicine. He has worked extensively in the medical field, including as a lead investigator for a popular (now-approved) drug that lowers cholesterol.

Lab coat? Check. University credentials? Check. Warm, friendly smile? Check!

When Robert Califf was nominated to become the next Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, he seemed to check out with flying colors. Except, for the fact, that in today’s age of medical corruption, looks may be deceiving.

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In 2009, just as President Obama was taking office, nine scientists and physicians working at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent him a letter, openly stating and giving examples of FDA corruption that was being perpetrated at its highest levels. The nine signers had their names blacked out for fear of reprisals. The FDA recently authenticated the letter, which is about as close to an admission of corruption as the government is likely to get.

(click) FDA Corruption Charges Letter Verified