Female Lab Mice to Break Glass Ceiling

According to NPR, the most reliable and respected name in unbiased reporting, female lab mice are finally going to achieve gender parity in medical experimentation.

A Fix For Gender-Bias In Animal Research Could Help Humans

There’s been a male tilt to biomedical research for a long time.The National Institutes of Health is trying to change that and is looking to bring gender balance all the way down to the earliest stages of research. As a condition of NIH funding, researchers will now have to include female and male animals in their biomedical studies…..When the policy was first announced, people were pumped about it, says Sarah Richardson, a professor at Harvard who studies the history and philosophy of science. “People were like ‘Absolutely, that’s terrible.

Why aren’t they studying female mice?  “That was my response, too,” she says. “It was seen as just a straightforward obvious corrective that we have to do.”Well, when a Harvard professor — and not only a Harvard professor but a female professor — and a professor of the history and philosophy of science (and who would know more about animal-based lab testing?) — says more female mice should be used in lab testing, obviously something is very wrong in gender equity!

Source: Female Lab Mice to Break Glass Ceiling