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Chaos is the new universal God and she will reign upon the earth until a new socioeconomic and political paradigm emerges not just in America, but globally. The human soul and mind cannot simply exist for “Western” Americanized excess consumption, it cannot thrive simply for the thirst for power and dominance and though much of the world only seeks to survive, the elites of every nation that dominate and control their societies have been participating, for the most part, in the universal orgy of self-gratification that has been epitomized by the questionmanufactured visions of the over indulgent, Botoxed, now-nowism of America. An America that has become nothing but an obscene caricature of the civilization we once were.
The rebellion of Islam finds fertile ground in muslim civilizations being torn apart not just by modernity, but by the total loss of meaning, of soul and of all the God’s of the “West”, but particularly the God of Decadence.
A civilization defined by material goods, by the toys of wealth purchased with digitized credit is doomed to burn on a funeral pyre of its own making. We have already entered into the era of global chaos, but unlike what America is told from the pulpits of our priests and priestesses speaking to us from our TV;s and smiling at us all from the covers of slick magazines at the supermarket checkout lanes, this deadly disease originated here, not in the dark corners of a monkey riddled jungle. There is a cure, but this pandemic will destroy much before we are safe.
The chaos has just begun. 

When Americans no longer trust the political class of both major parties and have lost faith in the integrity of the systems of government and justice down to the low levels that we now have apparently attained, can this nation endure?

Is it possible to resurrect the civic spirit that once bound us as one nation, despite our fragmented social, economic and racial diversity?  Is it possible to resurrect the essential cornerstones upon which this republic once relied or perhaps, even to build a true democracy of the kind that our nation’s founders brilliantly attempted to avoid through a number of unique constitutional constraints?

As the winds of economic and political crisis continue to tear at the tattered and worn truths that Americans once embraced, no sufficiently powerful national theme is likely left to bind us one to another. We have worn out the old ones, pulling back the curtain on the myths woven into the Norman Rockwell painting of the “American Life”.

For a brief moment in time, the tragedy of 9/11 gave America a sense of purpose that transcended the mundane and pierced through the deep, self-contained haze and mediocrity of spirit of a dumbed down population gazing onto their LED screens while texting on the newest iPhones. We are a society narcotized by technological diversions that have taken us increasingly away from reality and any semblance of civic life. We communicate in shorthand symbols and digitized images.

Americans have become one of the most indoctrinated nations on earth as the media of entertainment, news, movies, video games and the numerous venues for celebrity adulation have resulted in a passivity and laziness of mind that those who control their content can far too easily manipulate.

Any form of democracy, republican or majority rule, requires one essential item—an educated, engaged and thinking citizenry. Without this, the “power elites” in America can, and do, effectively dictate the accepted normative beliefs that provide the framework of our daily lives.As Robert Dahl wrote, “If political preferences are simply plugged into the system by leaders (business or other) in order to extract what they want from the system, then the model of plebiscitary democracy is substantially equivalent to the model of totalitarian rule.”

We have become spectators of America, not participants in America—though this may now be changing. It has often been said that the highest office in the land is that of the President, that it is as well the most demanding and difficult, but it should not be so. However, so it has become in a nation whose citizens have abrogated their responsibilities and all of the civic commitments assigned to them at its founding.

There should be no elected officers of a higher office than that of the Citizen. We seem to have lost him in the fog of our national hubris, many, many years ago.

Whether it be the OWS movement or the Tea Party, the initial stirrings of the American people was a healthy sign—not for the economy today or for the power elites in government or corporate America, but for the future of this nation. But they were suppressed. Suppressed by force and by a systematic perversion of their messages by the corporate controlled media and by the powers that rule. Diluted down to nothing and placed within the limited “free-speech” zones of corrupted, fascist empire. The Homeland Security demands it, the tanks and militarized swat teams enforce it and there is no outlet for change, until the seething, molten lava of national discord erupts in the cauldron of chaos that is our future. 

Jefferson expected revolution to be a reinforcing and recurring act after several generations of Americans lost the appreciation of what a free democratic republic required of them and revolution is what we will have. It will not be at the ballot box.

Obama is not the cause of the economic collapse and the social and political turmoil that will result from this cathartic process. He is simply a major accelerant chosen by a country at the peak of disengagement from the essential responsibilities attached to the term Citizen. The outrageous lack of due diligence and serious discourse during the presidential campaign in ‘08 cannot simply be laid at the feet of a radicalized media in awe of the self-manufactured image of the first African American president, but should be placed where it belongs—with a complacent, image crazed and unthinking people—who abrogated their civic rights willingly. 

Like children following the pipes of an unknown dancer, a brief visitor on our nation’s political stage, compelled by indolence and media controlled images was followed blindly. It was a predetermined historical event. The election of this President was part of a historical process that may finally lead to a resurgence of Jeffersonian Democracy—long overdue.

America must become balkanized, it is too big to not end up with a centralized coercive government. America will devolve into a nation of quasi-independent states, hopefully with a universal acceptance and respect for the codified rights enumerated in our Bill of Rights, by far the most significant aspect of our current Constitution, perhaps operating along the lines of the original guiding principles as laid down by our founders in the Articles of Confederation.

But one way or another a civilization that can only find its common binding threads in the total dumbing down to the lowest common denominator of what is left of American intelligence cannot survive.

Common Core is nothing but what it says it is, a “common” core of thoughts that even the most brain dead, non-english speaking child can learn and from which the rulers can demand some form of common allegiance.

The stupider we become, the baser our moral and ethical commonalty becomes the easier it is to manage such a seething pot of unassimilated proletarians. We are being herded into the oblivion of ignorance because that is what not only keeps us docile, but is the only way that any common threads of social and civic universality can be created to keep us tied up as one giant, fetid sea of diversity. Do you wish to become one with such a nation?

The migration to regions of higher level commonality will be the trend in the future and secession from the State will follow. Freedom can never be achieved by the forced degradation of all of the higher principles; moral, ethical and intellectual that have defined the term “civilization” in the past, but this is the path being dictated to us. It must be resisted. 

I come into this office every morning, and other than a short jog to clear my head, I spend two to three hours reading intelligence reports. I will frankly tell you that what I see each day is the most uncertain, chaotic and confused international environment that I’ve witnessed in my entire career. There were probably more dangerous times such as when the Nazis and [Japanese] Imperialists were trying to dominate the world, but we’re in another very dangerous era. We rightfully talk about the last decade being the longest war in American history, for instance, but when we pull combat troops out of Afghanistan at the end of this year, it’s not going to feel like that war is over. To me, it feels like we’ll be facing a familiar threat and heightened uncertainty for a long time yet.

JK: Why?

Flynn: I think we’re in a period of prolonged societal conflict that is pretty unprecedented. In the Middle East, we’re starting to see issues arise over boundaries that were drawn back in the post-colonial era following World War I. In some regions, we’re seeing the failure of the nation-state, and to some degree the disintegration of the [Westphalian] system of nation-states: Look at Libya, or Mali, or Nigeria. Because of a youth bulge, Nigeria will be the third most populated country on the planet in ten years, and [the Al Qaeda-linked terrorist group] Boko Haram is active in half of that country. Then look at what’s happening in Iraq and Syria.

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