If You, A Formerly Sovereign Nation, Refuse To Be Raped and Culturally Destroyed….

europeThe Death of Europe is like watching our own national and cultural death–what is  happening there, will happen here. It is exactly what the transnational cultural Marxists and their direct progeny have been seeking for over 100 years. The destruction of the nation-state, the rise to absolute power of the technocratic, progressive bureaucratic elites.

“Destroy the culture first” cried the Frankfurt School’s adherents, and the Fabian followers of the founding father of modern American education, John Dewey. Then fragment the society, remove their God and replace it with a new one, plant the secular humanist flag, in this case Gaia, climate change and environmentalism through early indoctrination within a totally co-opted centralized government bureaucratic educational system.

Destroy through treaty and NGO’s the authority of sovereign states, remove barriers to immigration for even the most evil and deviant of our new global civilization and by doing so remove one of the important characteristics of a legitimate government of all sovereign Nations, its defined and protected borders.

Fragment the society by fomenting race, ethnic and religious violence and by doing so, reduce the possibilities of cohesive communities with shared grievances and concerns gaining a sufficient critical mass to revolt against the unfettered power grab by the elites.

482535768Everything, everything that is happening has been mapped out and anticipated by many of our self-annointed  superiors. Barack Obama is the almost perfect clone of the visions of Antonio Gramsci, The Fabian’s (John Dewey in the U.S.) and the Frankfurt School (Institute of Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung), of Adorno, Erich Fromm  at Columbia University and Marcuse at Brandeis.

It is not likely such a coincidence that our treasonous President attended Columbia, nor that he was a junior assistant professor at the University of Chicago, the school founded by one of the leaders of the transnational, one world elitist ideology, the Rockefeller’s.  Critical Theory is the father of PC and all of it’s absurd progeny.

Obama wants an Islamic invasion like Merkel’s in Europe, he supports it there and will go to the mat to make it happen here as well. Obama seeks to destroy the concept of national sovereignty and the defined, protected borders that are the vessel for American   patriotism and national pride and he knows full well that what he is doing will eventually totally undermine the legitimacy of America as a national polity.

Obama seeks civil strife, racial disharmony and as many divisive fragmentations of American society as he and his technocratic, power cultural marxists can induce. It is all there for anyone to read, the breadcrumbs have not been hidden and the trail goes back now for several generations. America is under attack.

The chaos descending on the world is not unanticipated it is planned. To think that it is not and that it is all coincidence is absurd, even more absurd than believing it to be a result of thousands of ideologically  sympathetic individuals in positions of power in government, bureaucracies, both private and public and within the halls of the insatiable power hungry NGOs that seek an agenda that transcends their own existences.  

If you wish to visit Europe, I suggest you do so now–for the summer is going to be hot, violent and very ugly there. But, of course so it will be in America as well. My advice; leave the cities most prone to the coming chaos.

The day of Europe is over. The coming mass migrations from the Islamic world will so change the ethnic composition of the Old Continent that Europeans will be too paralyzed by a threat of terrorism to intervene in North Africa, the Middle East, or the Persian Gulf. Europeans already ignore U.S. sanctions on Iran, Iraq, and Libya. As their populations become more Arabic and Islamic, paralysis will set in. 

AFTER THE NEWARK riot of 1967, its black mayor wittily observed, “I don’t know where America is going, but Newark is gonna get there first.” Where Europe is at today, America will almost surely arrive tomorrow.

History teaches it is the whimpering dog that gets kicked. Who will convert to a religion whose priests or preachers go about in sackcloth and ashes doing expiation for the sins of centuries past? Will the people now taught that they were victims of Christian racism be satisfied with apologies? Will they let bygones be bygones? Or will they say, “These Christians, whose ancestors oppressed and robbed us, are now paralyzed with guilt and powerless to resist. Let us take back what they took from us; then let us take what they have”?

==The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Country and Civilization (Buchanan, Patrick J.)

Migrants-347777All these nations that have joined the EU over the years had no idea what they were in for. Sure, the elitist globalist politicians who agreed to it knew what was up, but the people probably did not. I’d wager that the majority of them had no idea that they were signing away their sovereignty, and the future of their cultures.

But the EU has made it abundantly clear that these nations have absolutely no sovereignty, or any control over their borders. In europe-muslim-immigrants-1fact, they’re about to punish nations that try to protect their borders from migrants.

On Wednesday, the European Commission will unveil a plan to fine countries to the tune of nearly $300,000 for every refugee they turn away. This is to reimburse nations like Greece and Italy, where migrants are piling up, and punish nations like Austria, that have been closing their borders.

But they’ll be given another chance to open the floodgates. If the countries where migrants first arrive ever become overburdened, then the plan will force interior nations to accept these migrants. If they refuse, then they will be fined.

What with nationalistic right-wing parties rising all over Europe, it’s safe to say that a plan like this could tear the EU apart in the very near future.

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European countries that refuse to give shelter to refugees could be forced to pay into the coffers of states that do, under plans to be unveiled by the European commission on Wednesday.

The idea is part of a long-awaited proposal to reform the EU’s asylum rules, which were stretched to breaking point by the arrival of more than one million refugees and migrants last year.

A copy of the draft regulation confirms that the commission has watered down earlier ambitions to centralise European asylum policy by allocating refugees around the bloc according to a quota system determined by a country’s wealth and size.

Source: EU executive to propose asylum reforms and approve Turkey visa deal | World news | The Guardian