Franklin Project | The Aspen Institute & Calls for Mandatory “National Service” for Americans Aged 18-28 Has Begun Liberty Blitzkrieg

Logo+FMShared sacrifice–in the name of the collective, for the collective and enforced by the State. The Orwellian words for prepare the population and the unemployed youth for even harder times ahead. Shared sacrifice is what the Pope is going to ask of the world. Shared sacrifice is the demands of the newest global, truly transnational religion, Environmentalism, which is the ideology that Rome clearly wishes to exploit as well. It is the coroporatist and transnational capitalists religion of choice, despite the few recalcitrant CEO’s and despite the pure show for public consumption of their opposition to the environmental agenda. Reduced populations accepting less, ultimately accepting a life style and existence dictated by the ruling transnationalist power elites. This has been the socialist, Utopian agenda for generations. It is all about control, power and wealth–and the Pope is not immune to such trappings, they have never been since a few years from the founding of the church itself. Freedom and the sovereignty of the individual is anathema to the collectivist goals of the ruling transnational class, servitude, economic slavery and shared sacrifice is the prescription for the maintenance of power, the retention of wealth,  that is for all but themselves. The Hunger Games anyone? 

The Franklin Project envisions a future in which a year of full-time national service—a service year—is a cultural expectation, a common opportunity, and a civic rite of passage for every young American. We are leading the effort to improve citizenship by giving every young person in America the opportunity to serve. Sometime between the ages of 18 and 28, the young person would do a fully paid, full-time year of service in one of an array of areas, including health, poverty, conservation, or education. These young people will not only do good work and solve problems, but they will also become better young Americans. 

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Source: Franklin Project | The Aspen Institute

This is one of the most important articles I will write all year. The statists are coming for your kids, and the conditioning has already begun.

Last night, I came across one of the most horrifying articles I have ever read, which is saying a lot. Before I get into it, take a look at the title and the tagline:

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If you think the title is bad, wait until you read the article. What becomes evident is that this grotesque concept of forced “national service” is being actively discussed at the highest levels of government. What Ron Fornier is doing in his National Journal article is conditioning the public to accept something that is completely unacceptable.

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