Free China Screening Celebrates Magna Carta’s 800 Years of Liberty and Justice

Will it be necessary to one day watch a movie called Free America: The Courage to Believe? Unfortunately, very likely so.

WILMINGTON, Del.—It’s unusual for a documentary film to tour the film festival circuit for over a year, and, if lucky, to show on movie screens for longer than a few weeks after its theatrical release. But there’s at least one documentary film out there that is defying conventional film distribution practices.

Since its film festival run in April 2012 and it’s theatrical release in June 2013, “Free China: The Courage to Believe” has been screened in over 20 countries—in every continent, apart from Antarctica—more than 1450 times, and counting.

Most recently, American Insight’s Free Speech Festival in association with the Delaware Humanities Forum screened the documentary in in Wilmington, Delaware on March 25. The screening was bookmarked by special guest speakers Hon. David Kilgour, former Canadian Secretary of State (Asia Pacific Region) and Dr. Samuel Zhou, Deputy Director, Global Internet Freedom Consortium, and a Q & A session afterwards with the producer, Kean Wong.

The film exposes some very grueling issues happening in China today, with worldwide repercussions, such as suppression of speech, slave labor, and torture, to name a few. While those are difficult issues to face, “Free China” not only exposes them in a palatable way, but also gives a call to action, which includes organizing screenings. The goal of producer, Kean Wong and Director Michael Perlman is to further strengthen a grass roots campaign for the title of the film, “Free China” to become reality—that is, to free the world’s largest a nation of 1.3 billion people from a brutal dictatorship.

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