French Government Is Secretly Preparing For A Massive War To Reconquer France From The Muslims : Obama: F**CK OFF!

They piss on you and you say it’s raining! 


the-obama-horseAmerica, Hillary, Obama and our vassals in the Sunni Arab Gulf States and, least but not least, NATO and Merkel caused this “refugee” crisis for a reason. There is zero chance that the transnational power elites in America or Europe felt that Syria’s Assad was any worse a tyrant than any of the dictatorships and bloodthirsty regimes we they have placed in power, protected or supported in the past or today. In fact the evidence is that he is far less evil than almost all of the beasts America has tortured for, murdered for and decimated the lives of millions to install and protect over the years of America’s glorious Imperium.

Like Gaddafi, this minor dictator dentist, educated in Switzerland and married to a very open-minded non-Burka wearing elegant wife just chose the wrong friends, Russia and Iran and more importantly, refused to become a vassal of the corporate fascist One World government elites in the West. He even dared say No to the American corporate backed transnational gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe, I mean come on, will ya!!

images-psiIf we are willing to roll over the rights of an oppressed sovereign nation to build a pipeline for corporate interests and likely payola, why not Syria. Just ask the sovereign nation of the Dakota people. On top of which, the most unspeakable of unspeakables, he is not even a Sunni, but like Saddam Hussein and the American Constitution,  Assad actually believes in the separation of church and state. Oh my, kill his people! Fund terrorists. Destroy Libya and murder their much loved leader, kill his wife and children and sacrifice a disposable Ambassador and 4 other American lives so Hillary’s plan to provide weapons to the “revolutionaries” can accelerate unencumbered by law or congressional oversight!

But I digress! A key component of all the bloodshed and mayhem is still just unfolding now, and that is to cause a “refugee” crisis, allow it to fester to the point of “humanitarian” solutions, but choose only the one most absurd “solution” that would effect the destruction of the nation-states of Europe and do the same for America. And, more importantly, at the same time lead to the final crisis needed for the long laid plans of the most powerful of the backroom chess masters of the global power elites to finally hit the intentionally decaying civilizations of the West, requiring the imposition of a total police state, martial law and the end of all civil liberties.  

Anyone with the simplest of flow models could have forecasted the migrant flows, hell if they can map the most complex dynamic system like earth’s weather with their settled science, they could easily have known how many millions that could be counted on to infect our cultures with the disease of Islam.  So here we are!

97a97ed52539bf6965c6571ae95d5a68Europe will build a centrally controlled military force without the pesky restraints of patriotic nationalism. France will start things off with the end of the Muslim problem ( if this sounds like a familiar sounding phrase, it should. There is no reason to stray from the proven path.) And America will import violence, rape and murder, perhaps if we’re lucky, more virulent than the illegal immigrants from the south so that we can follow along the same path. Manufacture the Crisis/Cause the people to scream for a solution/Impose the already planned solution and voila! We have completed the path to total tyranny.

Oh, and by the way, for those Muslims who actually think the Obama administration and the elites that control it, really give a damn about your miserable lives don’t let the iron doors slap you in the face in the internment camps.

Perhaps, just perhaps, because this is America you lucky Muslims on our shores will not suffer the same likely fate of those in Europe, see their a little more experienced at coming up with final solutions. All of this is a fraud. All of it is an illusionary Kabuki dance that has a purpose. A purpose that has absolutely nothing to do with the welfare of the citizens of the former nation states on both sides of the Atlantic.

We are seeing our destruction as a free people before our very eyes. Too damn bad most of us have been taught by our State indoctrination services to doubt our lying eyes. Just ask CNN “Hillary is healthy as an ox!”

Obama Announces A Plan To Bring In Up To Four Times As Many Syrian Refugees In 2017

In 2016, approximately 10,000 Syrian refugees were brought into the United States, but in 2017 that number could skyrocket to 40,000 under Barack Obama’s new plan. Obama says that we must play our part in taking in those displaced by the ongoing Syrian civil war, but Republicans in Congress are outraged by this announcement and remain deeply concerned that there are terrorists among the refugees that are being brought in.

The Obama administration insists that all refugees are being subjected to rigorous screening, but his critics are quite skeptical. Coming out of the midst of a five year civil war, documentation is scarce for many of these refugees, and there aren’t too many people that you can call over there that can serve as a solid reference at this point.


       Source: Obama Announces A Plan To Bring In Up To Four Times As Many Syrian Refugees In 2017

State power functions in various forms as a mode of terrorism inflicting violence, misery and hardship, often as a function of class warfare and American global imperialism, and how people are often complicit with such acts of barbarism.

==Because We Say So  (Chomsky, Noam)

The people are restrained and the government is free to do anything it wants. The government is all-powerful and the people are powerless.

The government can act in its own interests only by acting against yours. It can grow richer only by making you poorer. It can expand its activity only by limiting your freedom. It can ensure its own safety only by threatening yours.

==Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture (Savage, Michael)

They piss on you and you say it’s raining!

The Franco-Algerian writer Eric Zemmour, a well-known critic of Islam in France, has just released a ground-breaking book called Five Years For Nothing: Chronicles Of The Clash Of Civilizations, in which he makes the shocking claim that the French Government has been preparing for a civil war against Muslims as well as perfecting a secret plan to destroy Islam and Muslims in a new reconquista on their own soil.

Eric was recently interviewed about his book on French Radio. While the entire interview is excellent, the best parts of the interview are in my opinion 2:20 – 2:55, in which he states that Muslims act violently because Islam says so and it is as simple to understand as that, and 6:30 – 7:10, in which Eric says that France has a secret plan called “Operation Ronces,” meaning “Operation Brambles,” which it designed with the help of the Israelis to reconquer France from the Muslims:

A brief search online reveals no history whatsoever for an “Operation Ronces,” which either means two things- the man is lying, or he has just revealed not just a huge secret, but a massive potential game-changer in France.

We knew for years that a war with the Muslims was coming. Contrary to what most people may realize, France is actually the hardest hit of the Western European nations, as their population is almost 10% Muslim and still growing due to immigration. The fact that France ostensibly has a secret plan to reconquer France from the Muslim means they must have considered the fact that Muslims historically do not give up without fighting, and even more importantly, that the Muslims must be removed from society in order for peace to prevail.

The Franco-Algerian writer Eric Zemmour, a well-known critic of Islam in France, has just released a ground-breaking book called Five Years For Nothing: Chronicles Of The Clash Of Civilizations, in…


Source: Major French Author Reveals The French Government Is Secretly Preparing For A Massive War To Reconquer France From The Muslims | Walid Shoebat