Gainesville Teen With Fake Gun Shot and Killed by 9 Police Officers

Teen Deserved to Be Killed For Being Suicidal?

Nine Police Officers Open Fire – Spray Bullets Into Homes and Cars On April 26, activist, Kali Blount uses barbed parody to highlight recklessly…

Source: Gainesville Teen With Fake Gun Shot and Killed by 9 Police Officers « Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Gainesville Police endanger Majestic Oaks residents as nine officers fire multiple rounds in the dark as they shoot to kill 16 YO boy with fake gun.

Questions Remain:

police-state-usa-headerWere ASO or GPD wearing body cameras or was the event recorded by law enforcement?

Did Dentmond’s sister, family members or friends know the gun was fake before police arrived?

Did Police rush to judgment by overlooking an opportunity to ask questions of family or friends about Denton’s alleged weapon to possibly discover the gun was fake?

Is it true, according to witness remarks, that police denied Dentmond’s sister an opportunity to intervene in order to talk Dentmond into cooperating?

Why did police resort to using tenant-owned vehicles (truck) as a barricade to possible gunfire instead of using their own resources?

Why did police endanger community residents by firing multiple rounds into private vehicles and through exterior walls, narrowly missing residents inside their homes and causing significant private property damage?

Why did GPD and Sheriff choose not to use at least one of several armored vehicles designed for such an event in order to protect officers and safety of the general public as they approached a possibly armed suspect?

How will authorities compensate or “heal” tenants and families who were terrorized by the massive police shooting that killed a 16 YO boy known by the Majestic Oaks community as a peaceful teenager?

If mental health is an issue how can the public be assured that police officers are not mentally disturbed to the point of being “trigger-happy” or racist?