George H.W. Bush Motions Throat Cut At Trump in Texas


A great thing about Trump is that the Bush’s and their cadre of criminal elites want him silenced. We shall see how deep that desire is over the coming months

The Bush family may actually be even more evil and corrupt than the Clinton mafia. It is certainly possible that, when it is all added up the body bag count under the two Bush’s, (even without trying to figure out the more indirect deaths from Prescott Bush’s treasonous activities with the Nazi prior to and during WWII), from wars, covert CIA illegal activities in Latin America, deaths from imported powders of various kinds and very likely other nefarious activities around the world far outweighs those generated under the guidance of the Clinton’s.

It matters little which side of the isle one sits in the establishments fictional demarcation lines of political party, the ultimate loyalty is to the unified vision that binds them as the ruling elites of the Fascist Empire of the United States. Is there time ending? Will they willingly succumb to the will of the people in a democratic process they have disdained, corrupted and almost totally obliterated for generations and go quietly from the stage of power? Probably, not.

The permanent elite of Washington D.C are very unhappy with Trump. The whole Bush family are pure demons. George senior is the only U.S. president who continued demanding regular weekly briefings after retirement from office. His son was so unedcuated and  dumb daddy was the real person who ran the White House remotely in the background. No wonder George junior spent most of his time playing golf and vacationing. He never knew how to answer any questions the media asked of him since he didn’t actually do any work. No other president in history took more time off from work.

Watch the old geriatric making a throat-cut gesture sitting in the audience watching the republican debate in Houston, Texas, on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2016:

Source: George H.W. Bush Motions Throat Cut At Trump in Texas – Video | The Muslim Issue


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