German Pro-Atlantic Paper Admits Sarin Attack Committed By Al-Qaeda

13941018000379_PhotoIHillary Clinton’s State Department was very likely directly engaged in the transference of Libyan Sarin Gas to the “our” Islamic rebels in Syria. The evidence that it was the al-Nusra American backed and Al-Qaeda affiliated that used the nerve gas in their attacks on pro-Assad civilian areas, the people supporting the legitimate government of a sovereign nation is more than compelling. Apparently,  If not for fears over the political ramifications and the threat of intelligence leaks indicating that it was the American supported insurgents that were the aggressors dispersing the deadly, internationally condemned gas on innocent civilians, and, or course, the Russian resistance, Hillary and Obama would have gone to war. A war, such as the one in Libya to destroy an independently minded, non-American aligned sovereign regime.  

There is no such thing as empathy for the murdered, concern for international law or any restraint of common morality on the part of the corrupted neocon power elites in Washington. Any tears or signs of distress and concern for the humanitarian interests of the people of any nation on this earth that represents a stumbling block in their plans for global domination by the power elites in America or the NATO participating nations of Europe are not only pure staged acts to deceive, but are indications to the people of any nation on their hit list to get the hell out and find safe harbors. American Humanitarian attention is nothing less than a death sentence for any nation on the receiving end of our largess. 

New York Senator Hillary Clinton (L) listens as Illinois Senator Barack Obama (R) makes a point during the CNN/YouTube Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 23 July 2007 at the Citadel Military College in Charleston, South Carolina. The first CNN/YouTube debate is billed as a bid to ditch stale, staged showdowns for an edgy and risky leap into cyberspace. AFP PHOTO/Stan HONDA (Photo credit should read STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images) ORG XMIT: DEC048The German newspaper Die Welt is staunchly pro-NATO and pro-U.S. It always follows the official, conservative propaganda lines up to the dot on the last i. But in today’s Sunday edition one of its well-connected journalists and department head argues for a change of direction on Syria. Assad is not going to go away and “the west” needs to accept that to prevent a Salafist takeover of that country.

Buried in the German language piece is this version of events of the 2013 Sarin attack in Ghouta and the “lack of response” by the Obama administration (my translation):

When on August 21 2013 the nerve gas Sarin was used in Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, [Obama] had to make a decision. He ordered to prepare an attack by sea-launched cruise missiles. But the British secret service was in possession of a sampling of the used Sarin. An analysis showed it not to be Sarin from the Syrian regime, but from the inventory of al-Nusra. Obama dropped his plan.

There are several problems with this line of events. The British parliament had rejected an attack on Syria. The U.S. congress refused to authorize one. If Obama would have attacked, the Republicans would have, without doubt, started impeachment procedures against him. The domestic policy implications, not the origin of the Sarin,  stopped Obama’s attack plans.

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