Get this Narcissistic, Sociopath out of the Oval Office–Where is the OUTRAGE?

What in God’s name does it take to awaken the American people to the lies, deceptions and outright hatred of this nation that is the psychotic narcissist sitting in the Oval Office and glibly, almost irreverently, driving a golf cart over a cliff into the abyss. A golf cart that the President likely treats with more respect than the intelligence and veracity of the people of this nation. How this mysterious, Manchurian Candidate of a Shim ( the name my nephews called their father, now my sister, following his decision to turn himself into a woman long before Bruce Jenner made this transition a true fad) ever became President is simply astounding, as, of course, is the fact that he was reelected for another term for which we all are paying with the life blood of America. However, what is by far and away even more astonishing is that we have not collectively arisen, as is our inalienable right, to drive this Shim and all of the radical liberal authoritarian fascist sycophants that surround Shim out of Washington and into a jail cell in far reaches of the Antarctic.

But we won’t do a damn thing, because we are too far gone, too stupid and ignorant and because we have been driven into docility and subservience so successfully by over a hundred years of propaganda and social-cultural mind manipulation by the corporate media, power elites in politics and business and the delusional hubris of the American mythology. Despite the fact that MSNBC ratings cannot get much lower, which is about as much democracy as the establishment can likely stand for, Fox and other MSM propaganda distribution points are nothing more than outlets of mental masturbation that satiate our rage and enhance our confused state of opiated stupor.

We are helpless without the will to take our government back and so we will remain, that is until the whole fraudulent enterprise that has become America falls upon us like a collapsing Potemkin Village. Truth will set us free, but the people of this nation are going to have to remove generations of lies, false memes and distorted, elite self-serving mythologies before we can ever hope to even truly hear the truth. For, as was so eloquently said by Colonel Nathan R. Jessup:

Betrayal: The Obama regime still insists that releasing the top command of our enemy was all about saving Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. But several reports from 2012 reveal that it was secretly negotiating the Taliban Five’s release without Bergdahl. Now that the Army has filed desertion charges against Bergdahl, the administration is under increasing pressure to justify the bad deal.  Astoundingly, it’s sticking to its story that President Obama only freed the high-risk Gitmo detainees to free a “POW.”

“This was about bringing home an individual that had served his country,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said last week about the 2014 swap. But IBD has uncovered a series of credible reports from 2012 — as well as a transcript of a candid press conference by then-Afghan President Hamid Karzai — that show the White House originally wanted to give up the Taliban commanders under just one condition: that the Taliban open a political office in Qatar “to conduct peace negotiations.” It was Qatar that ended up taking the prisoners.

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