Gladio, the most powerful argument you can have for the proof of conspiracies and bloody ones at that.

For those of you who have not studied the reality of and the many issues surrounding, the Gladio networks CIA/NATO controlled and directed right-wing, neo-Nazi terrorist acts over the many years since the foundations were laid in the aftermath of World War Two, I believe that it is absolutely critical that you do so. I repeat this from time to time because Gladio is a true picture into the soul of the American security state and the ugliness that has resided there for far longer than most might imagine, but also to be used as weaponized evidence against those who scoff at the notion of conspiracies.

GladioTo have a conspiracy of such magnitude and duration that clearly was known by the many thousands of its insiders over at least the 40 years up until Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti revealed it to the Chamber of Deputies on October 24, 1990 in order to protect himself from prosecution, makes mince meat of those who deny that such things have or even can exist in the “modern” world. It is also more than likely that the same organizational infrastructure has been used in the Ukraine and likely even in the Balkans back in the mid-90’s.

Not only were senior CIA, MI5 and NATO officers involved over this extended period, but the heads of all of the nations, all NATO members, presumably our allies, secret services and senior officers and the many, many grassroots thugs and right-wing mercenaries that terrorized Europe, Turkey and likely other nations as well never, ever let one word escape into the press. Even when Andreotti caused an uproar throughout Europe briefly before the press was suppressed during the start of Desert Storm and Gladio for the most part was submerged back into the covert dens of blood from which it had emerged.

During the brief European fire over the orchestrated blood letting and the clear terrorist acts of the Gladio armies, only one mention of the issue was ever raised in a US newspaper, only once! Tell me again how the “establishment” and the hidden state do not control the US’s mainstream media on issues of “security”? How many thousands were in on this state sponsored terrorism?  How these things can be kept so tightly undercover I leave to your imagination. The Mafia’s Omerta: Code of Silence comes to mind and the threats related.

There are a handful of excellent, well documented and rather lengthy tomes that are essential reading for those who are truth seekers.