Global Capitalism and the Global Police State: Crisis of Humanity and the Specter of 21st Century Fascism –It is not a specter, it is now reality and all engulfing

There is, after all, just one human activity left in which whole populations accomplish the union sacrée. It occurs in those middle phases of a war when fear, pugnacity, and hatred have secured complete dominion of the spirit, either to crush every other instinct or to enlist it, and before weariness is felt.

==Public Opinion, (Lippmann, Walter)

This concept seems difficult to believe, until we recognize that governments intentionally create fear in both domestic and foreign populations in order to maintain control. This is clearly shown through military operations such as the Phoenix Program and the Tavistock-inspired ‘shock troops’ spreading their ‘social turbulence’ across the globe.

===Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psychocivilize You (Expanded Researcher’s Edition) (Bowart, W.)

manipulationThe Tavistock signature approach, ‘Future Shock’, is the ‘deprogramming’ of the subjects of a nation to a near vegetative state, through the use of torture and trauma, leaving a clean, blank state ready for subsequent ‘reprogramming’. Tavistock employs a protracted trauma on the population through a sustained campaign of fear and social uncertainty. This shell-shocks the population over a period of time, in order to quell any detailed examination and maintain the social status quo.

Dr. John Coleman has spent many years researching the activities of Tavistock. As to their creation, he noted, “The plan to ‘create’ public opinion began in 1913 as a propaganda factory centred at Wellington House in London. Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary at the time, installed Lord Northcliffe (Britain’s most influential newspaper magnate) as its director. Lord Northcliffe’s position was over sighted by Lord Rothmere on behalf of the British Crown. The operational staff of Wellington House consisted of Lord Northcliffe, Arnold Toynbee (future director of studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs), and the Americans, Walter Lippmann and Edward Bernays (nephew to Sigmund Freud). Funding was initially provided by the Royal family, but soon to include the Rothschild’s (related to Lord Northcliffe by marriage) and the Rockefellers. Wellington House would grow into the Tavistock Institute in 1921 after the propaganda “victories” of the First World War and the Federal Reserve banking system (created in 1913) had been secured.”

Kurt Lewin, director of Tavistock from 1932 tellingly stated; “if terror can be induced on a widespread basis into society it reverts to a blank state where control can be instituted from an exterior point”,

It was Tavistock founder Dr. John Rawlings Rees who originally envisaged an invisible army of what he termed “shock troops”; Tavistock agents who would be sent out and placed strategically in high positions to develop and nurture Tavistock projects. These shock troops would be placed in any and every social and professional function and institute, with a directive to influence in a clandestine manner. In 1954, Rees explained the function of the Shock Troop; “Their job is to apply the advanced techniques of psychological warfare as we know them to whole population groups that will grow even larger, so that whole populations may be more easily controlled. In a world driven completely mad, groups of Tavistock psychologists linked to each other, capable of influencing the political and governmental field must be arbiters, the power cabal.

8834210In a candid explanation of his particular method of overpowering the will of the individual and ultimately, society, Kurt Lewin stated; “The inner self of the individual displays certain reactions when under tension from the environment. When there is no tension, then the normal inner self of a person is well differentiated, balanced multifaceted, versatile…When a reasonable amount of tension is applied from the environment, then all the various abilities and faculties of the inner self go on alert, ready for effective action. But, when an intolerable amount of tension is applied, then this geometry collapses into a blinded, undifferentiated soup; a primitive, a regressed personality. The person is reduced to an animal; the highly differentiated and versatile abilities disappear. The controlled environment takes over the personality.”

Propaganda. The first chapter was titled Organizing Chaos and opened with, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are moulded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized.” Bernays stated: “As civilizations becomes more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which the public opinion can be regimented. With the printing press and the newspaper, the telephone, telegraph, radio and airplanes, ideas can spread rapidly and even instantaneously.”

==Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Mind control, mass manipulation and perception management (Sanders, Neil)

Interesting piece on the unfolding crisis below, as the conclusions that the risks of a global systemic socioeconomic and geopolitical collapse are not only real,  but very likely leading to such an end relatively soon. The missing ingredient is the very hard for most to comprehend, let alone accept, is the reality that the unfolding collapse of political authority and the legitimacy of the nation-state and all of its existing supportive ideologies is planned, manipulated and not happenstance out of the simple failures of the final stages of capitalism.  It is an embedded process driven by the elites within government and corporations that are no longer restrained by the rule of law nor by any respect for the rights of property and the inalienable rights of individual citizens of this nation, as well as all others. The evidence of a well thought out plan, whether coordinated by a vary small cadre of the powerful or by the hand of the gestalt of of a diverse group with similar goals and philosophies, is documented in the words of many of the intellectual lights of past generations to those of the present. The reality is there for those who remove the brainwashed fog from their minds–but most will never do so, for they are now blindly one with the herd.  

The existential crisis is real. It will end with the destruction of the individual, true independent freedom of thought and action under a global collectivist, consumer culture. Slavery is freedom. The brainwashed, manipulated masses may still think they live under some form of democracy, but they will be wrong. In fact, they already are wrong.  

However real climate change is, lets be honest, if anyone thinks that the earths climate dynamics have been static over the past billions of years I have a Woolly Mammoth for sale sitting in my back yard you might enjoy. Despite considerable evidence that the anthropocentric hysteria is a manufactured globally unifying meme as powerful as war, but without nationalism, the fear-crisis-response methods of the Tavistock System of population control and those well funded American counterparts within the covert services and the global corporatist elite is more real than the science behind the purposeful scientific fascism of environmentalism that is destroying, as intended, all free thought contrary to the message of the State. These processes have been well discussed, the evidence is overwhelming, it is simply that it is human nature to seek the easiest path, that of self-indulgent willful ignorance. And then of course, there are the simply stupid.

Manufacture crises at home and around the world, or a real crisis that must always, in a good Alinskian/Obamian fashion never go to waste, create generalized fear, provide the solution through the expansion of the State and the loss of freedoms. The dialectics of the coming authoritarian tyranny in America it there for your understanding. Open your minds and seek the truth. 

Hence my concept of global crisis is broader than financial. There are multiple and mutually constitutive dimensions – economic, social, political, cultural, ideological and ecological, not to mention the existential crisis of our consciousness, values and very being. There is a crisis of social polarisation, that is, of social reproduction. The system cannot meet the needs or assure the survival of millions of people, perhaps a majority of humanity. There are crises of state legitimacy and political authority, or of hegemony and domination. National states face spiraling crises of legitimacy as they fail to meet the social grievances of local working and popular classes experiencing downward mobility, un- employment, heightened insecurity and greater hardships.

The legitimacy of the system has increasingly been called into question by millions, perhaps even billions, of people around the world, and is facing expanded counter-hegemonic challenges. Global elites have been unable counter this erosion of the system’s authority in the face of world- wide pressures for a global moral economy. And a canopy that envelops all these dimensions is a crisis of sustain- ability rooted in an ecological holocaust that has already begun, expressed in climate change and the impending collapse of centralised agricultural systems in several regions of the world, among other indicators. By a crisis of humanity I mean a crisis that is approaching systemic proportions, threatening the ability of billions of people to survive, and raising the specter of a collapse of world civilisation and degeneration into a new “Dark Ages.”

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Get Them Young, Make Them Green  ( The propaganda/control system is global and unified) 

Education ministers do not seem troubled that a  green propaganda machine, Cool Australia, has garnered the support of thousands of teachers and schools, happily peddling slick scare campaigns and nudging students towards its militant allies and dark-green partners. If governments won’t object, maybe parents should

Australian schools are handing over the  all-pervasive ‘sustainability’ syllabus to a militant green organisation, Cool Australia, whose curriculum material and projects have enjoyed a red-carpet ride into the state and private education systems, with accolades from the Australian Education Union and the Independent Education Union.

Much of Cool Australia’s program for schools is benign: recycle trash, don’t waste electricity, plant trees, embrace reconciliation. But the rest of the agenda tirelessly advances the supposedly impending global-warming catastrophe, plus, inevitably, preaching the evils of fossil fuels. The impression of what some might see as brainwashing is enhanced by the featured endorsements of hard-line carbon-phobic groups like the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and civil disobedience advocate/ex-NASA scientist James Hansen [1]. Beyond that, there are links to Bill McKibben, of the climate-zealot lobby group[2], and the Skeptical Science website, which devotes itself to pummelling ‘deniers’ while declining to publish their demurrals on its comments threads. Such groups’ videos are  offered to students to watch in their own time, leaving more time in class for ‘discussion’ of the messages.

The success of the Cool Australia in planting its deep-green message in the minds of school children suggests a growing and structural obstacle to any rational discussion of climate matters in the future, as green-indoctrinated voters emerge from the education system and join the ranks of voters. Sadly, while green-dyed propaganda becomes a fixture in the classroom, there is not much chance that, say, the coal-mining members of the Minerals Council of Australia or a Big Four bank lending for fossil fuel  projects, will be invited to contribute a measure of balance by providing curriculum modules that deviate from the green orthodoxy.

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via Global Capitalism and the Global Police State: Crisis of Humanity and the Specter of 21st Century Fascism | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization.

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