Global warming is causing more snow to fall on Antarctica? And Polar Bears are moving to New York for Cheap Condo Prices!

Do you know why the effete globalist elites know they can create such a powerfully destructive meme based on lies and absurd fabrications such as global warming’s fear-inducing sea level bullshit? Because they know full well that the vast majority of humanity has zero knowledge of historical facts! Facts are supposed to disprove a faulty theory. However, if we stay dumb to facts, we can be controlled and manipulated to believe even the most insane lies.

Since the last full glaciation ice age peak 20,000 years ago, sea level has risen 400 FEET! Yes, you read that right, 400 feet.

Now, since the most recent ice age resurgence, whose origin is not yet perfectly understood, called the Younger Dryas, a short 1,500-year full glaciation, which ended 11,500 years ago, sea levels have risen around 90 feet! It is this period of global warming that gave birth to our modern civilization. It is called the Holocene inter-glacial period (emphasis on interglacial.)

So, I think it is a tad obvious that sea levels rise and fall far more dramatically, and very likely, far more rapidly than the propagandists at the IPCC’s estimate of 4 feet in 200 years! And humans had absolutely nothing to do with it, despite or innate self-aggrandizing hubris!

The seas rise and fall. Land masses, from islands to continents, rise, and fall. The Holocene is over folks, as the warming of the earth peeked back in the era of the Sumerian civilization, and yes, the rapid warming after the end of the Younger Dryas did cause a massive flood around the world. The Noah story is universal to all primitive societies.

Our little blue planet is on its way into a new ice age, before we get there, however, there will be many intermediate cycles. All are driven, not by mankind, womankind or bovine flatulence! They are caused by the billions of years dance between the dynamics of earth and sun.

The power elites know all of this, they aren’t as dumb as most of us. With this knowledge comes their increasing aggressive need to control the global population, to decide who lives and dies, to manage a smaller, culled cadre of workers supporting their privileged rule.

They damn well know that as we move into what, at the very least, will be a multi-decadal mini ice age, that their crimes against humanity, such as leaving us unprepared for a colder, agriculturally disastrous reality, will give rise to a populist uprising that will make all before pale in comparison.

This is what we are facing. Understand!

The convoluted, irrational attempt to explain facts through the global warming mantra should be humorous if it were not so dangerous.

 Global warming is causing more snow to fall on Antarctica | Daily Mail Online