Globalists Are Going To Collapse World Economy -The Elites Will Not Roll Over

The society of experts will control propaganda and education. It will teach loyalty to the world government, and make nationalism high treason. The government, being an oligarchy, will instill submissiveness into the great bulk of the population…It is possible that it may invent ingenious ways of concealing its own power, leaving the forms of democracy intact, and allowing the plutocrats or politicians to imagine that they are cleverly controlling these forms…whatever the outward forms may be, all real power will come to be concentrated in the hands of those who understand the art of scientific manipulation.

===Bertrand Russell

Even the Russians seemed to be aware that something big was coming. Dr. Tatyana Koryagina, a senior research fellow for the Institute of Macroeconomic Research under the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and reportedly close to President Putin’s inner circle, predicted that an “unusual catastrophe” would strike the United States in late August 2001.

Her prediction appeared in a Pravda story published on July 12, 2001. “The US has been chosen as the object of financial attack because the financial center of the planet is located there. The effect will be maximal. The strike waves of economic crisis will spread over the planet instantly and will remind us of the blast of a huge nuclear bomb.”

Asked about the discrepancy of dates in a later interview, Dr. Koryagina explained, “I did not make a serious mistake. Indeed, between 15 and 20 August, the dollar started trembling under the pressure of multiple bad news about the US and economy. And within weeks, the Manhattan skyscrapers fell down.

She also said the 9/11 attacks were not the work of nineteen terrorists but a group of extremely powerful private persons seeking to reshape the world. This group, she added, has assets of about $300 trillion, which it will use to legitimize its power and create a new world government.

==The Terror Conspiracy Revisited: What Really Happened On 9/11, And Why We’re Still Paying The Price (Jim Marrs)

The Brexit Psyop: Greenspan Falsely Blames the Brits for the Crash and Chaos to Follow

On Monday, the markets continued to collapse, with every major European stock market down 2-3% and the Dow currently down 300 points following Black Friday which, we now know, was the worst sell-off in worldwide stock markets in history, losing a combined $2 trillion.

The previous largest sell-off in history occurred 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days prior, on the Shemitah end day of September 29, 2008, when $1.9 trillion was erased in one day.

Of course, if you are a TDV reader, or especially a subscriber, you knew this was all going to occur this Jubilee Year.

And, as we said, they’d look to blame it on anything but themselves.  It appears they have chosen Brexit to be the “reason” for this collapse.

Alan Greenspan just confirmed this to CNBC, blaming Brexit for every horrible thing that is about to happen, which makes perfect sense.

CNBC quotes Greenspan as follows:

This is the worst period I recall, since I’ve been in public service, said Greenspan in the CNBC interview. 

“There’s nothing like it, including the crisis — remember October 19th, 1987, when the Dow went down by a record amount 23 percent? That I thought was the bottom of all potential problems. This has a corrosive effect that will not go away.

The Brexit Psyop Greenspan Falsely Blames the Brits for the Crash and Chaos to Follow

Source: The Brexit Psyop: Greenspan Falsely Blames the Brits for the Crash and Chaos to Follow – The Dollar Vigilante

Nothing is as it seems, certainly so with regards to the global geopolitical stage. Do we really know what has happened with Brexit? Is it likely that the leave vote was as it seems or could Britain have been an unwilling sacrifice for the acceleration of the well laid plans for the expected economic collapse and the one unified EU army that would take sovereignty entirely away from national military rule and the remaining independence of the nations of the EU?

Can anyone believe the words from the well orchestrated media and elite response? How is that we are still so gullible to the machinations of the power elites when their creativity is muted by bureaucratic consensus to the extent that they consistently play by the same playbook over and over again?  

If the elites did not wish Brexit, as it now stands, to occur it would not have happened. Yes, one could presume that hubris and success had coddled their perceptions of failure and the results caught them all by surprise, and that would be the normal response by a population indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that such conspiracies could not exist. However, anyone who has done their homework, even if it is just understanding the deadly terrorist activities of the CIA, MI6 and NATO under Operation Gladio, a covert conspiracy that existed, as far as we know, for over 40 years or Operation Northwoods for terrorist activity against US citizens here in America by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1963, might still have enough self-will to question the message delivered by every major outlet controlled by the power elites.

We are all on an accelerating on a runaway train into the mouth of global chaos. However, it is planned chaos. There will be many more false flag terror around the globe and within the United States. Liberties everywhere will be curtailed, as planned, but at a faster pace. The populist uprising, the awakening of the people is real, but it has forced the hand of the elites who will do all they can to suppress it, and their power is immense.

This is the unfolding end game of generations of power and wealth seeking the One World Government, a transnational government all under the dictatorial control of a technocratic, progressive administrative state and elite rule.

Very much worth watching!

Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU & What Its Replacement Will Look Like – Zen Gardner

Have you noticed how hard the controlled alternative press are working to convince you that the globalists / NWO / banksters are frightened by the BREXIT result?…


Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU amp What Its Replacement Will Look Like

Source: Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU & What Its Replacement Will Look Like – Zen Gardner

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