Good Guys Coming For Comey, McCabe, Holder, Lynch&All The Clinton/Obama Cabal

Beware The Monsters Last Stand: the tried and true ending to all the great monster movies.

It is all going to come down around the corrupt elites, including the seditious, if not treasonous, George Soros. It will start with the obvious FBI coup leaders for obstruction of justice, sedition then move on to the entire nefarious cabal of criminals from Obama to the Clinton’s and all associated with their evil, anti-American corruption that spans generations and will, when it all ends, with the exposure of the massive child sex trafficking rings led by the Clinton’s and Bush’s all and the Satanic hordes of their elite sycophant minions. The time is coming, the truth is on the march and its light is starting to shine more brightly than it has in many generations over this nation. 

However, as I have said for a very long time on this website, the game is not won until the fat lady sits on Hillary’s face, but this time suffocating her and ending the years of the self-serving bloodletting and evil of the ruling establishment. We are likely some way from this grand final act. As the rot is so prevalent on both sides of the faux political spectrums that control America’s once-upon-a-time democratic Republic, and the remaining power and wealth along with their CIA/FBI and other covert coercive networks used to historically enforce their will upon a supplicant, intentionally dumbed down citizenry, cannot be underestimated. Although clearly as more and more Americans experience the necessary “awakening”, the criminals among the globalist power elites and those they have compromised, bought and owned across the nation and on foreign shores, are running scared, like a cornered wounded animal the last acts of the cabal could be so insidious and dangerous that they cannot be discounted.

Rather than go to jail for the rest of their miserable lives they may very well be willing to chance Armageddon. To save their power and control they need to protect their 200-300 years of slow marching towards One World Government and a global tyrannical, socialist, Orwellian and unassailable police state dictatorship, they will likely attempt blood in the streets before laying down to die. The assassination of Trump is still a possibility. Attempting to pull the plug on the economy remains one avenue in the hopes that the resulting implosion would sow chaos across the land. Nothing can be discounted, no act of evil is beyond the desperate disintegrating hands of the cornered power elites. Yet, with each passing day, the hands rising up from every corner of America to strangle the monster that has gorged on our national blood for far too long is becoming unstoppable. For the first time in a very long time, I do not have hope, but confidence justice will finally prevail. 

Always beware the monsters last stand, it usually is able to generate enough energy in its death agony to have one last destructive swipe.