Grandpa and me and a helicopter to heaven – Uplifting in a Time of Despair

Sometimes, pulling back the curtain of propaganda, lies and the brainwashing false, elite supporting mythologies that have become the surface reality for most, not only in America, but around the world, I find myself in an inescapable abyss, suffering an overwhelming sense of despair. Unfortunately, as I have continued to dig down into the rabbit hole of truth, it is virtually impossible to escape the feeling of impending doom. But the future is not yet set in stone.

Rivers inevitably move towards the sea, but they can be diverted and dammed and their courses can be changed. Without hope we are slaves to the inevitable, frozen and unable to act or to resist and no matter how much we think we understand about the forces designed to destroy this nation and our freedoms, as well as those of much of the world, it is imperative that each of us try and reveal truth in order to infect others with it. A river begins with one drop of rain. The essential, critical beginning of the rainstorm that can save America and the world, starts with reaching back into the wells of our innate nature, our evolutionary essential humanity. This short film helped me do that this morning, perhaps it will help those out there who ever actually read my verbose and disjointed missives to do the same. Regardless, it is a worthy watch.

Nearing death, a wise grandfather bequeaths a simple but profound secret to his grandson

Source: Grandpa and me and a helicopter to heaven – Aeon Video