Greenwald – With Power of Social Media Growing, Police Now Monitoring and Criminalizing Online Speech

Not only can it “happen here”, it already has, in fact numerous times. Each time the environment of crisis that propelled a totally unconstitutional wave of tyranny and supported by all three branches, to one degree or another, ended and the balance of power returned and freedom was restored–but never really all the way back to prior to the crisis. The slow erosion of the American Constitution began very early in the life of the nation, primarily with the egregious Alien and Sedition Acts under John Adams of all people and though the pendulum swings back and forth, each time it does so a bit more of our natural, innate human individual rights is chewed by the worm of power. The perpetual crisis of the Cold War needed to find a reason to continue, though mini wars filled some of the gap, overlapping with the grander one. The War on Terror, so PC abolished in name only, will continue. It will not end and there will be mini wars as well, those internal to the nation, which justify the crisis footing of government and the police state.

But this time, the pendulum will not swing back to restore our freedoms for there is now unlimited coercive power in the hands of the State and it’s hidden, perpetual bureaucracies. Unlimited by the power of absolute knowledge. From the President, Congress or the Supreme Court, this power can be, and I am sure has already been, utilized to bend the will of all to the needs of those elites that hold such powers. There is no way, none, that the current socioeconomic, political and super elites will remotely allow a real change of course. The system, thus will atrophy and ultimately wither and die. The epochal changing dynamics will continue, however, until the pressure is too great for the anachronistic, status quo preservationists to deny. New emergent systems are rarely accurately perceived by those embedded in the paradigm being discarded.

Fascism, at its core, is the view that every nook and cranny of society should work together in spiritual union toward the same goals overseen by the state. “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State,” is how Mussolini defined it. Mussolini coined the word “totalitarian” to describe not a tyrannical society but a humane one in which everyone is taken care of and contributes equally. It was an organic concept where every class, every individual, was part of the larger whole. The militarization of society and politics was considered simply the best available means toward this end. Call it what you like—progressivism, fascism, communism, or totalitarianism—the first true enterprise of this kind was established not in Russia or Italy or Germany but in the United States, and Woodrow Wilson was the twentieth century’s first fascist dictator.

More dissidents were arrested or jailed in a few years under Wilson than under Mussolini during the entire 1920s. Wilson arguably did as much if not more violence to civil liberties in his last three years in office than Mussolini did in his first twelve. Wilson created a better and more effective propaganda ministry than Mussolini ever had. In the 1920s Mussolini’s critics harangued him—rightly—for using his semiofficial Fascisti to bully the opposition and for his harassment of the press. Just a few years earlier, Wilson had unleashed literally hundreds of thousands of badge-carrying goons on the American people and prosecuted a vicious campaign against the press that would have made Mussolini envious.

==Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning (Jonah Goldberg)

IT IS A SOURCE of continuing irony that so many people on the leftward end of American politics today act as though America’s current empire is unique in the history of the world, either in scale, malevolence, or some combination of the two. In any form, this notion is impressively absurd, and it presupposes an equally impressive ignorance of history. Still, I’ve come to think that there may be an unexpected factor behind that bit of historical blindness — the complete inability of most Americans today to take Britain seriously.

==Decline and Fall: The End of Empire and the Future of Democracy in 21st Century America (John Michael Greer)

On March 6, 2012, six British soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by a roadside explosive device, and a national ritual of mourning and rage ensued. Prime Minister David Cameron called it a “desperately sad day for our country.” A British teenager, Azhar Ahmed, observed the reaction for two days and then went to Facebook to angrily object that the innocent Afghans killed by British soldiers receive almost no attention from British media. He opined that the UK’s soldiers in Afghanistan are guilty, their deaths deserved, and are therefore going to hell:

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