Has American Business Lost Its Mojo? – 21st Century Fascism in America and the World

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When America gets fascism it will be called anti-fascism.– (Attributed to Huey Long)

The description of a system politically controlled by big business and big government where the political class is beholding to both for their survival is called Fascism, even though there may not be 20th century typecast European thugs roaming the streets and the masses have not been fanned into a flame of angry nationalism. 21st century fascism takes a different form however, it is still essentially an authoritarian system of concentrated political and economic control supported, financed and executed by corporate and political elites whose ultimate purpose is to defend their wealth and power at the expense of the common citizen under the false trappings of democratic pluralism. But, cultural fascism and movements such as the uncompromising global environmental “climate change” movement take on the trappings of formerly nationalistic energies, however, with very similar political and cultural effects on a global scale.

Pure and simple; everything, everything that drives America and the world towards 21st century fascism under the current ubiquitous socioeconomic and cultural system is derived from two intertwined desires, wealth and power. Without the restraints of a limited, decentralized government and libertarian, empathetic ethos or an evolutionary leap in the soul of humankind, the march towards a harsher, more traditional 20th century fascism in America is inevitable. If you strain, you can hear the boots clicking down the hallways.  

Compromise is in no ones interest, except in the bureaucracies of government, state and federal, and the big corporations that do not wish to have solutions except those that continue to restrict competitive access to their profits. Large transnationals corporations do not like free market capitalism, they never have. In fact, it is reasonable to say they really do not like capitalism at all.

Of course, two additional groups that do thrive in this volatile, yet entrenched system are the lawyers and lobbyists within the Beltway and those feeding at the troughs of the State capitals. As the economy and government continue to atrophy, power will also accelerate to the executive and America will reflect, more and more the image of what it already has become, but cannot see, a fascist coercive empire. The most rapid path to this end, however, will be through the imminent collapse of the domestic and global economy. 

AmericanFascismOver the past three decades, the American economy has become less vigorous. An extensive body of evidence shows that the public focus on the success of high-tech companies like Apple and Google masks an overall downward trend in key measures of business vitality.

“Business deaths now exceed business births for the first time in the thirty-plus year history of our data,” note Ian Hathaway and Robert E. Litan, economists at the Brookings Institution, in a May 2014 essay, “Declining Business Dynamism in the United States.”

There is widespread support for their assertion. Jim Clifton, chairman and C.E.O. of Gallup, wrote in a January 2015 essay, “American Entrepreneurship: Dead or Alive?”:

Until 2008, start-ups outpaced business failures by about 100,000 a year. But in the past six years, that number has suddenly turned upside down. There has been an underground earthquake.

The forces driving this trend include the increasing regulation of small businesses, corporate consolidation, more occupational licensing requirements and too few immigrants with high-tech skills. Ultimately, however, the political system itself appears to be making a significant contribution to the problem.

Federal and state officials, often under pressure from major corporations seeking to stifle competition, have adopted a regulatory regime that makes the creation of new businesses more difficult.

Many, if not most, of the reforms proposed by economists and other analysts require political action. At the federal level, this would require bipartisan support, an achievement often out of reach in a polarized system.

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Whereas in the twentieth century fascism did not come to the United States, in the twenty-first, rank appeals to fear based on misinformation succeeded in winning the support of an overwhelming majority of Americans.

==Just How Stupid Are We? (Rick Shenkman)

Corporate-Influence-Fascism-Government-CorruptionFascist refers to a militaristic system that is opposed to democracy and seeks, ideologically and practically, to crush it. And fascism uses state terror against the individual to do this. When I talk about a “fascist shift” in America, I am talking about an antidemocratic ideology that uses the threat of violence against the individual to subdue the institutions of civil society so that they in turn can be subordinated to the power of the state.

But there are plenty of examples of a shift into a dictatorial reality in which, for several years, while the basic institutions of freedom are targeted and rights are eroding, daily life still looks very normal—even, for many people, pleasant. Americans tend to think of the shift to fascism in scary set pieces: the boots on the stairs, the knock in the middle of the night, the marching columns, the massive banners waving over city streets; a Leni Riefenstahl film all the time or an unrelieved scene of citizen terror with crematoria smoking in the distance. We are so used to seeing depictions of the most sensational aspects of totalitarian societies—the gulag, the death camps—that we don’t pay much attention to the fact that there is often an incremental process that led those societies to become places where such things could happen.

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Secular millenarian impulses did not stop at communism and fascism but today infuse the progressive mind. From multiculturalism to environmentalism to postnationalism, Western progressives have fixated on unattainable abstractions for the realization of utopia. The world of everyday reality is rejected. All that matters is a theoretical future that is perfect and just, without war or want or prejudice—a future where fallen humanity has returned to Eden. And since that future is perfect, the idea of it may not be changed or challenged in any way. Which is

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