Hating America Transcending Honoring America

Over the past seven years, the United States of America has become the country people love to hate. Hating America started as a blamefest and flowered out to a full blown hatefest. While it is true that some people hated America long before Barack Obama ever got himself elected president, it was definitely Barack Obama who gave voice to the hatred of America. There have been other infamous world leaders whose time in public office was propelled by insane hatred, but the most evil among them hated the people of other countries and not his own.

Hatred is the by-product glowing in the dark in the petri dish, the one that took its growth from envy.People suppressed in those countries expressing a visceral hatred for America are government-conditioned to blame America for all that is wrong in theirs. Topping the A-list for hating America is that countless Americans 40 years of age and over know who they are. Unlike the millions of of latter-day public school graduates, they know their history, what the Stars and Stripes and Confederate flag stand for.

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Source: Hating America Transcending Honoring America

download (75)The war between the North and South was not a civil war. A civil war is when contending parties fight for control of the state. The South was not fighting for control of the United States. The South was forced into war by an act of Northern aggression—an invasion of the South. The South was fighting a war of secession, a war of independence.Corrupt court historians misrepresented the war as a civil war in order to cover up the North’s aggression and in order to present the war in moralistic tones as a war to free slaves. This, too, is a lie.

As Abe Lincoln himself said over and over, he fought the war not to free slaves but to save the Union, that is, the American Empire.The South voted to secede because the South realized that the North intended to use tariffs to exploit the South economically in behalf of Northern industry.Jack Kerwich takes exception to the demonization of the Confederate flag and the demonization of the South. Making the Confederate flag a hate symbol serves the agenda of special interests. Lies become fact because they serve the agendas of special interests.Following Kerwich’s article Ilana Mercer explains to the idiots demanding the banning of the Confederate flag that the flag that they have seized upon is not the national flag of the Confederacy but the battle flag of the Confederate army.

It is a testimony to American intolerance begat by American ignorance that the media company that holds rights to the popular TV series (1979-1985 CBS), “The Dukes of Hazard, has banned re-runs of the hit program because the car, General Lee, a hallmark of the show, has the battle flag of the Confederacy painted on top.

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Source: Guest Columns by Jack Kerwick and Ilana Mercer on the Confederate flag – PaulCraigRoberts.org

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