Her putridness practically handed her email password to the Russians —

Not one American was killed or hurt? Not one foreign agent operating on the behalf of America was killed or hurt? Nothing of import was ever compromised, never negatively impacted or subverted? To believe this then one has to absolutely believe in only one thing; that Hillary Clinton was considered too stupid, to insane to even consider sending or receiving emails of state sensitivity! Either this odious tool of the Kleptocracy and transnational Corptocracy caused the death of our allies or American citizens, trampled upon our covert interests and assets, or she is too insane, too stupid or too fucked up to be remotely near the Presidency. Or, of course, perhaps this evil beast in the pants suits is, not unreasonably all of the above.

The Russians didn’t hack into Hillary Clinton’s private email server, as others have reported, according to a very reliable source of mine who has connections with US intelligence agencies.

They didn’t have to.

Clinton was so careless when using her BlackBerry that the Russians stole her password. All Russian President Vladimir Putin’s gang had to do was log into Clinton’s account and read whatever they wanted.

They had to be laughing their butts off. So you can add the Russians to the list of people who know bad and personal things about Clinton that the Democrats will wish remain hidden.

FBI Director James Comey said a few weeks ago that Clinton had been “extremely careless” with her e-mails, but he added that he didn’t think the server she’d been using had been hacked by “hostile actors.”

Clinton practically handed her email password to the Russians

Source: Clinton practically handed her email password to the Russians | New York Post

In the climactic scene of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” Billy Bibbit, a likable but painfully withdrawn young male patient in a mental institution, finally seems to be emerging from a lifetime of crippling anxiety, depression and suicide attempts, speaking boldly and without stuttering for the first time.

As the other patients good-naturedly cheer Billy on, the cold and malevolent head administrator, Nurse Ratched – perversely threatened by Billy’s new-found freedom and independence – manipulates him right back down into the depths of his mental dungeon. He pitifully sinks to the floor, stammering and screaming, as the guards drag him away.

Hillary As Nurse Ratchet