Hillary and the Total Absurdity of America

“Nothing just happens in politics. If something happens you can be sure it was planned that way.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

The federal government supports most scientific research in the United States. Enough psychologists and other social scientists haven’t asked questions about what their research is to be used for; their main objective has been to get the grant, so they could support themselves and their scientific curiosity. Since too many of them have been politically disinterested or naive, they have been easy prey for the cryptocracy.

If you are laboring under the impression that the Church Committee hearings stopped Operation Mind Control, in these pages you have learned of evidence to the contrary. Instead of halting mind control, a whole new kind of warfare has developed around it The new technology makes the old “Project Monarch” style classical conditioning obsolete. It is the reason so many survivors are remembering and are allowed to talk. They are no longer needed, and there’s a better way to control minds.

The dangers of psychotechnology are real. They are being applied. We were warned twenty years ago, in 1974, by the U.S. Senate, 93rd Congress, 2nd Session which investigated and published a book which too few have read. It was entitled Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification.

==Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psychocivilize You (Expanded Researcher’s Edition) (Bowart, W.)

The absurdity of Hillary Clinton as the leading Democratic candidate for the President of this nation should be far more self evident than it is, in fact it is more than likely that if we were still a sane society and the truth were available, she should be behind bars in an impregnable fortress on a deserted island. The idea that she is able to avoid generating an outraged scream from the American people so deafening that it shatters the walls of the nation’s Capital building boggles the mind.

And then there was Obama yesterday blaming the Republicans of Congress for the fires of Baltimore, as if the the multi-generational destruction of the black inner city under the promises of the progressives Great Society had nothing to do with it. Of course the One failed to mention that Maryland and the city of Baltimore have been suffering under the firm control of radically liberal democrats for well over 40 years.

Nor did he mention that the destruction families, the expansion of inherited welfare dependency and the intentional destruction of the black work ethic was the result of the “benevolence” of the liberal (far from classical) ideals of the Great Society and those who accepted the false premise on both sides of the aisles of Congress that flooding the black communities with drugs, welfare checks and unwed mothers would keep them satiated and docile. Where did the CIA’s crack cocaine, the Laotian heroin and God knows what else end up over the past 50 years? How many lives were destroyed in our inner cities, as well as in the fields of Southeast Asia and Latin America, due to the funding of illegal wars, American trained and sponsored torture programs and at the hands of friendly dictators, through the blatant abuse of the inner city black communities by the American covert State? We should know the enemy. The enemy is us. 

My conclusion is that public opinions must be organized for the press if they are to be sound, not by the press as is the case today. This organization I conceive to be in the first instance the task of a political science that has won its proper place as formulator, in advance of real decision, instead of apologist, critic, or reporter after the decision has been made.

===Public Opinion: With linked Table of Contents (Lippmann, Walter)

Walter Lippmann would be proud, for his advice, under the guidance of a powerful cadre of his ideological comrades, has been more than achieved. We, the dumbed down masses, the intended proletariat supporting the new transnational world order, are simply, to put it mildly, toast.

As you can see, she even changed her logo in light of this week’s Supreme Court arguments on gay marriage, which she opposed until just recently.Like most of her tweets, it’s completely unobjectionable. It’s also true: Freddy Gray’s death was a tragedy that demands answers. But it’s a bit rich for Hillary Clinton, of all people, to be demanding answers from public officials about potential wronging, especially in light of her continued refusal to address legitimate concerns regarding the Clinton Foundation, such as those raised in this story on Bill Clinton accepting speaking fees from corporations that were actively lobbying Hillary Clinton’s State Department:The Clintons did not respond to IBTimes’ questions about the propriety of the speaking arrangements. A spokesperson for the White House referred questions to the State Department and the Clinton Foundation, neither of which responded.Since announcing her candidacy two weeks ago, Hillary has fielded and answered just seven questions from the press. Only two of those questions were about investigations concerning the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and its donors. On both occasions, she dismissed the issue as a mere “distraction,” suggesting that none of the questions raised by investigations into the Clinton Foundation demand legitimate answers. Furthermore, her decision to erase the emails on her private server means we may never get those answers.

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Source: Hillary Clinton Demands Answers—Just Don’t Ask Her For Any | Washington Free Beacon

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