Hillary Campaign Laundered $84 Million – Where’s The Beef?


This article and this officially filed complaint allege that Hillary Clinton’s campaign committee illegally laundered $84 million, thereby massively breaking the federal election laws. The case is before the U.S. DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.

Here’s an example of how money was washed to conceal its illegal course. The Hillary Victory Fund receives $1 million from contributors, which it may not legally transfer to the Democratic National Committee without violating limits. It transfers the million dollars to 19 state committees. That same day or the next day, these state committees transfer the funds to the Democratic National Committee or have it done for them without their knowledge and without their appropriate filings. This is not a legally-allowable loophole. The Supreme Court ruled it out specifically in a 2014 decision (McCutcheon v. FEC).

Trump’s erstwhile lawyer, Michael Cohen, says he paid several women $280,000 in 2016 to keep quiet about their relationships with Trump. Why is the Mueller operation not investigating the Hillary money-laundering operation that allegedly involves 300 times as much money?

A federal prosecutor is quoted as saying about the Cohen plea: “Campaign finance violations are very hard to prove, and require a lot of mental evidence, or evidence of intent — not just that you know you are doing something wrong, but that you know you are doing something illegal. So to get a plea to that charge is a huge win for the government, and for the whole series of investigations.”

If so, why not prosecute Hillary? The money shuffling, in on day 1 and back out on day 1 or 2, clearly shows a coordinated operation that had the intent of flouting the election laws.

Was it a big win for Mueller? Not at all. He got a plea deal out of Cohen, but on the campaign aspect, Cohen did nothing illegal. A plea deal is not a trial and not evidence of a Trump campaign finance violation. I find Mark Levin’s analysis compelling, from which he concludes “Donald Trump is in the clear” and “There was no violation of the federal campaign finance laws”.

Bombshell FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered 84 Million

Source: Hillary Campaign Laundered $84 Million – LRC Blog