Hillary Clinton cannot win US election–(Unless There Is A Coup?)

captain parker monumentDo not stand down! I have been saying for sometime that 2016 would become one of the most important years in American and world history, if not the most important. The citizens of this nation and Europe either reclaim their unalienable sovereign rights and freedoms this year, through elections or a true revolution, or we will be enslaved for generations to come.

This is it..Wake up America.

The rise of anti-establishment movements around the world will hit global investment, Wall Street profits and Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency, according to a self-described libertarian economist.Steen Jakobsen, chief economist at Danish investment bank Saxo Bank, believes the “social contract” — the agreement between the ruled and the rulers — is now broken, and this can be seen in the rise of Donald Trump.

Jakobsen says we may have reached a nadir in terms of political ambitions, investments, capital expenditure, employment, inflation and growth. He sees this as the end of “planned economies” that were adopted after the fall of the Berlin Wall.In a recent research note, he said the ratio between employee compensation to gross domestic product in the U.S. is the lowest in history and corporate profits are at their highest-ever point. This, he believes, is a key reason why U.S. citizens now want anything but the traditional establishment.

Hillary Clinton cannot win US election Libertarian

A Second American Revolution Is Now Inevitable