Hillary Clinton Hungers for Endless Wars

Since its maturation in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the modern nation-state has functioned as a veritable killing machine. It defies reason to suppose that people left to their own individual devices would have killed hundreds of millions of people as states did in the twentieth century alone.

==Delusions of Power: New Explorations of the State, War, and Economy (Robert Higgs)

Under Barack Hussein Obama; the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize before he was even in office for a year, who was clearly lying when he said, on hearing the news that he had won, that he was “deeply humbled”, America’s arm sales to the world more than compensated for any reduction in DOD budgeted arms procurements.

download hillary warBut the real warmonger is Hillary Clinton whose relationships with the NEOCON community is as deep as it gets, that is without having to marry Dick Cheney.  Following her advising, in fact likely promoting, as First “Lady” her President husband on the various destructions and bombings of innocents in the Balkan’s  over totally trumped-up charges in order to gain access to now permanent military installations in the region, she was an enthusiastic backer of the Bush wars and, of course, there was the criminal war crime of the total destruction of the then friendly nation of Libya. A crime for which she clearly found simply amusing.  

images Hillary Im not a fascsitHillary’s deep engagement with the neocon family of the Kagan’s and the entire CFR, think-tank militarist community will not end, if she were to become President. This includes her right hand woman at State, Victoria Nuland married to Robert Kagan who, subsequent to her spokesperson position,  masterminded the neo-Nazi coup in the Ukraine that led directly to the intended growing conflict with Russia. Hillary Clinton may be as cold, destructive and dangerous a human being in all of Washington.

This is why the neocon right wants to defeat Donald Trump, not because he will start a war or that he will raise the threat of nuclear Armageddon, but because he won’t. 

Clinton’s Hawk-in-Waiting | The American Conservative

The other day, a question popped up on a Facebook thread I was commenting on: “Where is Victoria Nuland?” The short answer, of course, is that she is still holding down her position as assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs.

But a related question begs for a more expansive response: Where will Victoria Nuland be after January? Nuland is one of Hillary Clinton’s protégés at the State Department, and she is also greatly admired by hardline Republicans. This suggests she would be easily approved by Congress as secretary of state or maybe even national-security adviser—which in turn suggests that her foreign-policy views deserve a closer look.

Nuland comes from what might be called the First Family of Military Interventionists. Her husband, Robert Kagan, is a leading neoconservative who co-founded the Project for the New American Century in 1998 around a demand for “regime change” in Iraq. He is currently a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, an author, and a regular contributor to the op-ed pages of a number of national newspapers. He has already declared that he will be voting for Hillary Clinton in November, a shift away from the GOP that many have seen as a clever career-enhancing move for both him and his wife.

Robert’s brother, Fred, is with the hawkish American Enterprise Institute, and his sister-in-law, Kimberly, is the head of the Institute for the Study of War, which is largely funded by defense contractors. The Kagans work to encourage military action, both through their positions in government and by influencing the public debate through think-tank reports and op-eds. It is a family enterprise that mirrors the military-industrial complex as a whole, with think tanks coming up with reasons to increase military spending and providing “expert” support for the government officials who actually promote and implement the policies. Defense contractors, meanwhile, benefit from the largesse and kick back some money to the think tanks, which then develop new reasons to spend still more on military procurement.

Clintons Hawk-in-Waiting

Source: Clinton’s Hawk-in-Waiting | The American Conservative

The Dreadful Kagan Clan——Hillary’s Warmongers In Waiting | David Stockman

And that brings us to the deplorable Kagan clan—–Washington’s leading resident family of war-mongering neo-cons. The odds are that, if elected President, Hillary would likely choose one of them——her protégé during her stint in the Obama administration, Victoria Nuland—– as Secretary of State.

Yet that would be lights out for any hope of caging Washington’s imperial ambitions and reducing the massive and utterly unnecessary burden of current defense spending. The truth is, there are fewer greater menaces in the Imperial City today than Victoria Nuland.

Not only does she happen to be married to Bob Kagen, the leading neocon guru of global interventionism and regime change, but she earned her spurs as a key aid to Dick Cheney.

No matter. When the American public naively thought it elected the “peace” candidate in 2008, Nuland just changed her Jersey, joined Hillary’s team at State, and by 2013 was assistant secretary for European Affairs.

And that’s when Nuland’s rampage of everlasting shame began. She was the main architect of the coup in Kiev in February 2014 that overthrow the constitutionally elected government of the Ukraine, thereby commencing the whole sequence of confrontations with Russia and the full-throated demonization of Vladimir Putin that has followed.

Source: The Dreadful Kagan Clan——Hillary’s Warmongers In Waiting | David Stockman’s Contra Corner