Hillary Clinton Provided Material Assistance To Terrorists And Lied To Congress– Money, Power, Control–We are Toast: Happy 4th of July!

Conspirators All–Jail them now, before it is too late!

o-AMERICAN-FLAG-facebookHiding behind an institutional cover of respectability, the Council on Foreign Relations is basically a criminal organization, the cover for a Mafia of Wall Street bankers, oil magnates and CEO’s of transnational corporations, composed of ethically and morally challenged individuals, associated to carry out criminal activities. The criminal activities of this Wall Street Mafia have caused more death and suffering than the ones committed by all the other Mafias together. Why do the American people totally ignore the existence of this dangerous crime syndicate? Because, contrary to the other minor Mafias, the Wall Street Mafia exerts an almost total control over the mainstream media, particularly TV, national newspapers and magazines, and the book and film industries.

The CIA, as it was the OSS, has been for many years the hidden strong arm of the Wall Street Mafia. The bankers have used it to enforce their wishes upon non­ compliant victims who have refused to accept their illegal rules imposed by criminal organizations like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and others they have created. To advance their criminal enterprises, the Wall Street Mafia normally resorts to extortion, threats, assassinations, economic aggression, and outright physical aggression of all types, including psychological warfare, covert military operations and conventional warfare. Yet, despite all its negative connotations, even the word “Mafia” is inappropriate to describe the Wall Street criminal cabal,because the CFR conspirators are worse than the traditional Mafias. Despite their minor-scale criminal enterprises, the Italian Mafia loved this country, and they proved it during WWII by helping the U.S. military in several ways. On the contrary, the Wall Street Mafia viscerally bites this country, its Constitution, its laws, its institutions and its people, and has been working hard for almost a century to destroy America, as we know it.

The CFR fully controls both the Democratic and Republican parties and,with a few exceptions, they are the ones who have placed most presidents in the White House. As Georgetown University professor and Bill Clinton ‘s mentor Carroll Quigley, probably the scholar who most closely studied the CFR, pointed out, the idea that the two parties represent different, opposing ideas or policies is a foolish electoral change will lead to any true shift in one. Both parties are identical, and no policy because both parties actually pursue the same policies. Quigley’s words are the best explanation for the existence of the Repucratic Party -which is nothing but another CFR cover front. The most recent replacement puppet is Barack Hussein Obama,who is seamlessly continuing the treacherous policies of his predecessors who, without an exception, only have advanced policies conceived at the Harold Pratt House.

Like a malignant cancer, the CFR has not only expanded by creating subsidiaries in key American cities, but also has metastasized into several important organizations, all of them created and funded mostly with Rockefeller money. Some of them are the Trilateral Commission, the Foreign Policy Association and its World Affairs Councils, the Brookings Institution, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, just to mention a few. It also has close ties to international organizations like the Bilderberg group, the United Nations Organization, the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome. The ultimate goal of these organizations, as openly expressed by their leaders, is none other than the creation of a New World Order -a sort of global communo-fascism controlled by transnational corporations in the hands of the Rockefeller’s and their Wall Street cronies.

When truly independent candidates threatening their control appear -even in the far away future-, they either eliminate them with extreme prejudice (Gen. George S. Patton, Robert Kennedy), threaten them (Ross Perot), mount defamatory campaigns to destroy them politically (Barry Goldwater, Sarah Palin),  ignore them (Chuck Baldwin), or ostracize them (Ron Paul). The 2004 elections were just a remake of the previous one: both candidates, the Republican and the Democrat, were Yale graduates, members of the Skull & Bones and the Council on Foreign Relations, and both of them had cheated on their military records -not a wide selection of choices for the American voter, to say the least.

The 2008 elections brought to the White House another CFR-controlled puppet: Barack Hussein Obama. Even Louis Farrakhan has recognized that Obama is a puppet. During a Conference in Chicago on March 10, 2010, Minister Farrakhan cryptically mentioned that Obama had been selected before being elected. And added, “President Obama does not run the country.”

Some observers of the political scene noticed that Bush’s neocons were delighted with the new man in the White House. An article by Stephen J. Sniegoski, published in the English-language edition of the Swiss newspaper ZeitFragen, reported that leading figures of the neocon/neo-Nazi cabal-David Brooks, Rich­ ard Perle, Max Boot, Mona Charen and others-were ecstatic over Obama’s appointments. According to Sniegoski, the reason for their happiness was be­ cause they didn’t see any difference between the Obama and the Bush administration. But Mr. Sniegoski’s conclusions are wrong. Actually, the true reason why the neo-cons were so enthused was because both Bush and Obama are puppets manipulated by the very same CFR puppet masters that control the neo-cons themselves.

==Psychological Warfare and the New World Order,  Secrete War Against the American People, Servando Gonzales

The most significant three years in American history clearly must include the date we are celebrating today, July 4th, 1776, but also the years of 1913 and 1917. In 1776, a free American confederation of sovereign states was born and bled for which, in the natural evolution of things, produced the American Republic in 1787 a nation bound by common religious beliefs, common language, genealogical origins and laws. The death of the American nation can be traced to the days of its very birth in the compromised morality of the Constitution and the clear signs of the coming servitude to the power of capital and wealth. In 1913 and 1917 the coffin lid was placed on the critical foundation stones of personal and national sovereignty and of American liberty. The final nails in the coffin’s cap are being hammered 100 years later.


The IRS was formed under the direct guidance, not of the people’s will, but of a very select group of Wall Street bankers and wealthy industrialists whose involvement was fogged over by the ruse that this was a “progressive” idea for the benefit of the average citizen.The ability of the government to coercively take the property of Americans without their overt acquiescence was the germ of the imperial State. The income tax was, in essence, the exact opposite of the very ideas that formed the basis, at the very least the rallying cries, of the revolution formalized July, 1776.  

This was also the year in which one of the most insidious conspiracies was ever undertaken in America, one which has stood the test of time. In 1913, a small group of the most powerful bankers, industrial capitalists and their representatives secretly gathered in a total external information black-out on Jekyll Island and devised the plan to create a privately owned national bank, to be run by these same financiers and their heirs, not for the benefit of the American people, but for the sole purpose of utilizing the power over the nations money for their own ends and purposes. The goal was the pecuniary subjugation of the American people and to enhance, if not permanently enshrine, the rule of Anglo-American finance capital globally.


The formation by a small private, very secretive group of Eastern financial and industrial elites and their intellectual acolytes to “advise” President Wilson on the terms of peace following the recent entry in the spring of that year of the United States into the European war. Formed by the smarmy and slight of build Colonel Edward House, who was the true President at the time, as Wilson had long been his policy puppet. This first “brain trust” held expertise far beyond the requirements of dealing with issues of post war Europe and was christened with an interestingly foreboding but appropriate name “The Inquiry.” From this not so humble beginning America started further down the inevitable path of fascist rule and the death of democracy. The First World War, itself, was a war designed by financial interests for financial interests.

With the despicable, banker designed peace of Versailles now behind them and the failure of the American peoples support for The Inquiry’s plans for the League of Nations the core of this foreign policy dictating elite formed the Council of Foreign Relations, which culminated prior to World War Two, in the complete and by now permanent capture of the State Department and the White House by the inner circle of CFR. Thus Wall Street assured our slavery with the creation and ownership, both real and figuratively, of the Federal Reserve and upon the foundation stone of The Inquiry was built the CFR and the very processes that are in the final stages of destroying American national sovereignty and creating a transnational finance capitalist fascist state.

HappyJuly4thFireworksSo we arrive in the present, the last days of America as a nation. We are ruled by corruption far deeper and for more pervasive than most can imagine, or more accurately, most are willing even to think about. It transcends all party affiliations as all who participate at its core know no such loyalties, though they create for our consumption the illusions of such. Time is getting very short for an hope of democratic revolt, for the internet and the alternative media are still capable of derailing their plans, but this fear, the fear of uncontrolled and manipulated knowledge, of truth, is accelerating the need for total dominance. Time is very, very short. Power and wealth will never give up without a fight if need be, but will prefer to preempt this need with complete and total control. 

J.P. Morgan Interests
Buy 25 of America’s Leading Newspapers
and Insert Editors

U.S. Congressional Record February 9, 1917, page 2947

Mr. CALLAWAY: Mr. Chairman, under unanimous consent, I insert into the Record at this point a statement showing the newspaper combination, which explains their activity in the war matter, just discussed by the gentleman from Pennsylvania [Mr. MOORE]:

“In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, ship building and powder interests and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press in the United States.

“These 12 men worked the problems out by selecting 179 newspapers, and then began, by an elimination process, to retain only those necessary for the purpose of controlling the general policy of the daily press throughout the country. They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. The 25 papers were agreed upon; emissaries were sent to purchase the policy, national and international, of these papers; an agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers.

“This contract is in existence at the present time, and it accounts for the news columns of the daily press of the country being filled with all sorts of preparedness arguments and misrepresentations as to the present condition of the United States Army and Navy, and the possibility and probability of the United States being attacked by foreign foes.

“This policy also included the suppression of everything in opposition to the wishes of the interests served. The effectiveness of this scheme has been conclusively demonstrated by the character of the stuff carried in the daily press throughout the country since March, 1915. They have resorted to anything necessary to commercialize public sentiment and sandbag the National Congress into making extravagant and wasteful appropriations for the Army and Navy under false pretense that it was necessary. Their stock argument is that it is ‘patriotism.’ They are playing on every prejudice and passion of the American people.”

Conspirators All–Jail them now, before it is too late!

It is all about wealth, power and control–as it has always been, so is it today. Listen to the judges last comments. Billions of dollars were made on the insidious, treasonous actions of members of a secret conspiracy in both parties and across several branches of government and numerous governmental departments.  These are not, however, conspiratorial actions that are remotely unique in their treason, their greed nor in their complete sociopathic disregard for the lives of the innocent whether they be American, no matter what rank in government or society, or the lives of foreigners, though it is usually those in foreign lands that pay with the blood of millions.

The entire government of the United States, from the executive to the judicial and the legislative branches are all infiltrated with the conspiracy of the Council of Foreign Relations whose inner core, the true deep conspiracy is comprised by those whose wealth, power and transnationalist anti-American goals have been passed on through several generations and by those whose sociopathic, cold and calculating minds, such as a Kissinger and Brzezinski, were critical to the compartmentalized conspirators goals.

Though the desire for power and unassailable, militarily protected wealth has been a core trait of humankind since the caves, the true Machiavellian canvas began its slow multi-generational  fulfillment with the birth of capitalism and the concentration of power based on the unfettered accumulation of finance capital. As members of a certain class like to gather in their clubs to be surrounded by others that think, behave and even dream like themselves, powerful men and now women (not too sure there are many transgendered folk in there, though clearly sexual preferences unrestrained by age considerations nor even consent and morality seems to come with the narcissistic desires for self-aggrandizement and sense of privilege above the law is endemic) when gathered in even a small group can become a super-organism. A super-organism that seeks to enhance it’s advantages, it’s power, control and it’s dominion. If you are fooled into thinking America is a democracy, think again.

If you are gullible enough to buy the mainstream medias propaganda on practically any issue of note from race, white privilege, climate, ISIS, Iran, Russia down to the vaccines you are being forced to inject in your children then, unfortunately, you may survive your coming servitude, but for those seeking to remain free, you are part of the problem. It is time, now, not tomorrow, to become part of the solution. It is our last chance and the time is getting very late, very late indeed.

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Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Provided Material Assistance To Terrorists And Lied To Congress

On FOX Business News this morning, FOX News chief legal correspondent Judge Andrew Napolitano told FBN host Charles Payne a “conspiracy existed” among President Obama, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Treasury Department and various Congressional leaders to have arms sent to rebels in Syria and Libya. Napolitano came to the conclusion after going through several hundred pages of documents with FOX News’ intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge.

“A conspiracy existed between the president, and Mrs. Clinton, and Congressional leaders from both parties in both Houses others in the State Department, the Treasury Department and the Justice Department to get arms shipped to rebels in Syria and in Libya,” Napolitano said.”Some of those rebels are members of organizations that are on the terror list and providing them with material assistance is a felony,” Napolitano explained. “So the arms dealers applied for and received permission from State and Treasury lawfully to sell arms to the government of Qatar and they lawfully did so.”Qatar then sold, delivered, bartered or gave these arms to the terrorist organizations with the knowledge and consent of Hillary Rodham Clinton when she was Secretary of State.

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: We work in teams here and in groups, I’m part of a number of groups and working in tandem with Pam Browne, who is the senior executive producer and Catherine Herridge, who is the intelligence correspondent, I was asked to look at documents. The documents I reviewed, was about 600 pages and they consisted of interviews of an arms dealer and e-mails from the arms dealer to members of Congress and back and forth and the arms deal and the State Department and back and forth.I am convinced as are others who have looked at this — and FOX aired this in a special Saturday night and several times over the weekend — that a conspiracy existed between the president, and Mrs. Clinton, and Congressional leaders from both parties in both Houses others in the State Department, the Treasury Department and the Justice Department to get arms shipped to rebels in Syria and in Libya. And some of those rebels are members of organizations that are on the terror list and providing them with material assistance is a felony. So the arms dealers applied for and received permission from State and Treasury lawfully to sell arms to the government of Qatar and they lawfully did so. Qatar then sold, delivered, bartered or gave these arms to the terrorist organizations with the knowledge and consent of Hillary Rodham Clinton when she was Secretary of State.

Source: Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Provided Material Assistance To Terrorists And Lied To Congress | Video | RealClearPolitics