Hillary Clinton’s Four Days of Gaffes

Totally unreal, the extent of propaganda, indoctrination and mind control can not be underestimated, for in the face of the facts of blatant lies constantly erupting like the green puke from the mouth of Linda Blair’s possessed child in the Exorcist, the Hillary supporters have become completely oblivious to reason and objectivity. They have, in fact, lost their souls and minds to the brainwashing of the devil.

By her own admission, Hillary Clinton is not a natural politician.In fact, Clinton has been something of a gaffe machine over the last four days, averaging one embarrassing flub per day.

Last Friday, Hillary Clinton attended the funeral of a fellow first lady, Nancy Reagan. While discussing her legacy with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Clinton stepped in it by saying that Nancy and her husband had started “a national conversation” about HIV/AIDS.Clinton’s comment drew outrage, in large part because of hostility toward President Reagan in the LGBT community.

While some of this hostility is unfair—Reagan called for and approved a massive increase in funding to research and combat HIV/AIDS, and he publicly opposed a California effort to discriminate against gay schoolteachers—it is fair to say that the Reagans did not start “a national conversation” about HIV/AIDS: they rarely spoke publicly about the issue, especially in the early years of the Reagan presidency.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s Four Days of Gaffes