Hillary Clinton’s Vision for the Children of America: It Takes a Village for the State to Control Your Children

It doesn’t take an Emerson or an Einstein to recognize that the system has lost its moorings, and, like ancient Rome, is drifting into an increasingly dysfunctional situation.

==The Twilight of American Culture (Morris Berman)

Ford appears to be capitalizing on developments which took place long before it was founded, and which have enabled it to take advantage of the wholesale dedication of education to a social purpose the need to defend this dedication against criticism the need to indoctrinate adults along these lines the acceptance by the Executive branch of the Federal Government of responsibility for planning on a national and international scale the diminishing importance of the Congress and the states and the growing power of the Executive branch of the Federal government-and the seeming indispensability of control over human behavior.

1954, April 29th Dodd Report Submitted to Reese Committee. 1954 Reece Committee Final Report

Is this not what has actually happened since 1954?

Blindly, like imbeciles (mentally challenged) the American people march arm in arm down the well traveled road to tyranny, all under the fluffy comfort of being suckled at the breast of the State. For anyone with even a modicum of thought freedom left in their brainwashed, cradle to grave propagandized minds, watching the news over the next 18 months will likely be comparable to a perpetual burning by the flames of hell. Watching The Obama’s and Hillary in the news and listening to their preening, condescending smarmy words could very well provide the final nail in the coffin of my already depressed mind. Hillary, if elected and if she is, in fact,the Democratic nominee she is likely to be so, as the odds are significantly stacked against the Republicans, the final metamorphosis of America as the paramount power in the pantheon of globalized fascist nations will be complete.

At this point, no truly independent reformer from any party would ever be allowed to win the presidency, as there is far too much corruption, treason and criminality that has gone on now for so many years, well beyond the Obama years, that these deeds can never be allowed to breathe fresh air. Only one who is subservient to the will of the power structure and who is already deeply corroded by the slime of corruption and moral and ethical degradation will ever sit in the Oval Office again. And despite our love for Presidents past, none have at least since 1990 and very likely many, many years before that.

This will not happen, it cannot happen, until the nation is bathed in the fires of economic collapse, civil unrest and the inevitable attempts of the State to destroy the last vestiges of American liberty. Then there will be real change, but it is hard to imagine that getting to the other side will be executed without much pain, sacrifice and unfortunately blood. It can happen here. It already is well on its way.

But this planned system of a New World Order (NOW) featuring a planned global economy and a planned global education system has been promoted for well over a century. The Carnegie Foundation outlined its explicit road map for absolute oligarch control way back in the 1930’s. Department of Education whistleblower Charlotte Iserbyt exposes the conspired downfall of America’s educational system in her well documented chronicle The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.
It turns out that America’s “father of modern education” John Dewey, an unabashed admirer of Stalin and his educational system, proclaimed his NWO agenda in 1947:

“… establishment of a genuine world order, an order in which national sovereignty is subordinate to world authority…”

As the first elected UNESCO Director-General British Professor Julian Huxley (brother of Brave New World’s Aldous), in 1949 had the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization pumping out pamphlets expounding the importance that children be educated devoid of any national allegiance, patriotism or family loyalties identified as the biggest barriers to their demonic ambitions:
      “As long as the child breathes the poisoned air of nationalism, education in world-mindedness can only produce precarious results.” 
Based on my personal experience working with America’s broken child welfare system, several weeks ago I wrotean article on the current child welfare system’s assault on the modern American family. That assault is but part of a wider, across-the-boards assault by the entire US government. The federalist fascists in Washington have been busily mounting an assault on the American family through the state run public education system as well. Like the separation of church and state, the Constitution explicitly calls for specific delineation between the federal government to stay out of the business of education, traditionally leaving it within the sovereignty of the states and local communities to govern. However, just as the US Constitution has been under assault, Washington is now unlawfully dictating mandates to the 1600 US school districts that they must comply with in order to avoid the cutoff of federal dollars. Thus, local school districts throughout this nation are presently under a subversive assault from the long arm of our authoritarian totalitarian government.

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 Trust this witch? Believe that the State is more equipped than parents to raise their own children? It takes a village to raise the compliant, docile working socialist proletariat’s that can serve the global elites agenda. It is all about wealth, power and control. Can anyone truly believe that Hillary Clinton cares about the children of America? Perhaps she cares as much as her family seems to care about the children of Haiti, which is evidently not very much, not very much at all.

Interview from 1996–Hard to finish it without bending over the porcelain bowl.

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