Hillary, Obama, Jarrett, Podesta, McCain and Many Others Are Going to Prison

Gladio was a covert operation and had not been initiated by an act of Congress or a mandate from the Pentagon. Few federal officials knew of its existence. The $200 million in original funding came from the Rockefeller and Mellon foundations. But a new and steady stream of revenue had to be created almost overnight, or the world would not be safe for democracy. The future of Gladio would come to reside within America’s ghettos.

What cannot now be denied is that US intelligence agencies arranged for the release from prison of the world’s preeminent drug lord, allowed him to rebuild his narcotics empire, watched the flow of drugs into the largely black ghettos of New York and Washington, DC, escalate and then lied about what they had done. This founding saga of the relationship between American spies and gangsters set patterns that would be replicated from Laos and Burma to Marseilles and Panama. Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair, Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs, and the Press

Helliwell and his compatriots had created a model for trafficking in drugs that would result in the formation of Air America—the CIA fleet of planes that transported opiates and cocaine during and after the Vietnam Conflict. Thanks to their efforts, Burma’s Shan Plateau would grow from a relatively minor poppy-cultivating area into the largest opium producing region of the world.

Helliwell knew that a drug epidemic might arise. But, he reasoned, the problem would remain confined to the lowest strata of society by suppling heroin to the black community in America’s ghettos., with little impact on white middle-class America.

==Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between The Vatican, The CIA, and The Mafia (Williams, Paul L.)

I know this getting obnoxiously repetitive, however, the unfolding crisis in America is so damn serious it demands such. What the majority of Americans still believe to be a war between the progressive internationalist elites and of course, their mindless, brainwashed idiot supporters, and the rest of us is far, far from reality. It is what the corporate media and the power elites want us to believe, but what is really going on here is deeply more troubling, for it implies a violent, likely bloody fight to the bitter end.

The CIA is very likely the largest and most deadly criminal organization in the history of the world. The founders of the CIA, even when it was still the OSS, decided that the best way to fund the covert terrorist groups in Europe set up under the name of Operation Gladio, led by ex-Nazi war criminals that were given a free pass by the agency, was to become the dominant player in the heroin trade. The heroin and cocaine trade set up by the CIA not only never ended, it grew exponentially. How many Americans, originally mostly inner city blacks that were considered very expendable by the American power elite, have died untimely deaths  from the actions of the CIA? How many Americans were murdered by the bloody hands of the criminals running our covert agencies? The number is well into the many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands. Those engaged in directly in facilitating American murders included George H.W. Bush, the Clinton’s, and many senior political and business leaders over the past 50 years. If Trump and Sessions wish to end the opiate epidemic in America, destroy the CIA.

The bipartisan satanic pedophile rings that has included the most powerful members of the Washington elite, at least since the Boys Town/Franklin pedophile homosexual scandal, has not only never ceased, it has grown ever bolder and more degenerate. It is not restricted to the powerful in any one part and thus more insidious and dangerous. Pizzagate is real. The CIA and the NSA has been entrapping and blackmailing our political class for generations. From John McCain’s homosexual love affair with his “wife” Senator Lindsey Graham and his pedophile connections to John Podesta and perhaps up to 30% of the Washington power elite, the degenerate, criminal child sexual abuse of such powerful people requires a war stance regardless of the damage to this nation. Even if they destroy America, they will not go to prison without a fight.

The list of criminal organizations within our government includes the CDC, the FDA and the FBI. It includes the Obama justice department, Loretta Lynch it’s former chief, it includes Obama and Jarrett, it includes Biden, the Bushes and so many others. This is going to be war. The American people will win in the end and these people will be tried for treason, war crimes, child sexual abuse and murder, conspiracy for drug smuggling, 9/11 and many other false flags–if the truth comes out.  The enemy is within–it must stop!

This is excellent–new very damning and very unsettling information 

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Jarrett from within White House May Have Launched a Watergate Style Attack on Trump During Election | Armstrong Economics

 From Martin Armstrong

I have been hearing about the Obama Administration wiretapping and trying desperately to uncover links of Trump and Puttin without success for months. Obama was desperate to blame the Russians for Hillary’s loss. I have warned that Obama’s OFA was circumventing state level Democrats. The rumor mill alleges that this was a Valerie Jarrett operation which was directed from the White House – not the Justice Department as being claimed. The Obama officials are not denying the covert operation, but are trying to paint it as a legitimate investigation of Trump launched by Lynch at the Justice Department to give deniability to Obama. Jarrett was a Sinior Advisor to Obama between 2009 up until January 20th, 2017. She is a Chicago lawyer who previously has been tied to Obama and served as a co-chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Project.

Jarrett has joined Obama’s effort to help with an “insurgency” movement against President Donald Trump. Rumors also imply that both Chuck Schumer and Hillary knew of this investigation and were briefed, possible by Jarrett or others in the White House.

It is cleat that there was a June 2016 FISA request by the Obama administration to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers. That request, uncharacteristically, is denied as too broad. The rumor is that the Court was very concerned this was a witch hunt by Obama without any evidence that was akin to Watergate.

Then in October 2016 before the election, the Obama administration submitted a new request that was more narrow to the FISA court which targeted a computer server in Trump Tower they alleged would show links to Russian banks. No such evidence was found and indeed it was a witch-hunt. However, the wiretaps continued claiming it was for national security to try to distinguish this from Watergate.

NSA Director Michael Rogers participated in session at Intelligence and National Security Summit in Washington. It turns out that Obama officially blamed Puttin on October 8th, 2016. Then on Thursday November 17th, 2016, Rogers traveled to New York and met with President-Elect Donald Trump without informing others. Then the next day, the Washington Post reported on a recommendation in “October” that Mike Rogers be removed from his NSA position. This was a recommendation from the Pentagon and the NSA to President Obama that Rogers must be removed. This was delivered to Obama by Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. Reuters reported on November 19th, that Carter and Clapper demanded to fire Rogers. Rogers didn’t want to participate in the Obama spying scheme led by Clapper.

Meanwhile, hackers are blackmailing Democrats to release other emails of their covert and illegal actions to overthrow Trump. Reports are surfacing that at least a dozen Democratic groups have been hacked demanding now a ransom and samples of sensitive data in the hackers’ possession have been leaked. One such leak involves a non-profit group using grant money to cover costs for anti-Trump protesters. If that proves correct, there is one non-profit that just committed tax fraud and that will justify 5 years in prison for all involved in that one. There appears to have been an all out effort by Democrats to undermine the government to prevent any reform process of the deep state.

We are looking at the complete meltdown of government. The Democrats have gone way too far and they need to clean house or we are looking at the complete breakdown of any decorum whatsoever. This may be why our computer is warning that private assets are the way to survive – not government. I have warned that our model projected that the Democratic Party was in a major bear market and has been making lower lows and highs since 1932. This is not being partisan or a cheerleader for the Republicans. There is something very very very wrong here and it looks like the unthinkable has taken place. If Jarrett briefed Schummer and Hillary, there is going to be a very serious crisis in government.

Source: Jarrett from within White House May Have Launched a Watergate Style Attack on Trump During Election | Armstrong Economics