Hillary: Putting The Big C Back In Country (use your imagination)

Yes, I am tainted with an obsession that has turned to hatred, driven by years and years of research into the evil that is Hillary and the entire Clinton clan. But, they are just senior members of an extensive list of club members of the one of the most evil and successful conspiracies in the history of mankind, and yes this is an old fashioned generic term that includes the two (and only two) biological genders and all of the other absurd deviancies from them. The only good thing one can say about her current preordained and devil blessed run for the White House, is that it has brought to the surface so much of the scum that has been hidden behind the dense miasmas of well placed, but false, respectability and decency of her dedicated acolytes.

hillary_hooker_car_one_dollarIf anyone is concluding that nothing will be allowed to take her down, no matter how treasonous, evil, corrupt and immoral the facts may prove, now that the power elites, whose generational efforts at world domination are now fraying, will ever, ever give up now and let her lose the White House. Prepare for a bloodbath soon. Prepare to see violence, met with an untamed military response that this nation has never seen before, they are making a deadly serious misjudgment. Prepare for dissenters, for those who oppose the final power play, the coup unfolding, to be arrested or simply to disappear. That is where this is all going. America has no genetic or inherited immunity to the process of decay and democratic failure, a failure that always turns to tyranny, a rotting decay that is already nearing the heart of this nation. 

hillary-whore-bill-flasher-jeb-drunk-300x187Hillary is one of the most disgusting evil liars ever to place her putrid face upon this earth. She has an ambulance following her campaign entourage; but claims she is healthy as a young pig, she blames pollen and allergies, Trump and what? bad airplane air for her apparently uncontrollable coughing fits, she lies and lies and lies about her emails until the American people, at least the ideologically brain impaired, the too stupid to know, the ignorant indoctrinated racial herd and the neocon elites who know how evil she is, but are simply snivelingly awaiting her military ferociousness and the death of millions for the profit of empire and the military industrial complex, just wish we would all let the beast alone. We won’t and humanities heroes like Julian Assange will not, even if they die trying.

Here it is again: The Final Battle for Humanity, Freedom and America is upon us. Awaken America!!!