If Hillary Remains The Democratic Party’s Choice– Armed Revolution

Anyone who believes this corrupt bitch in a pantsuit is innocent of crimes against the American people and humanity needs to visit the same re-education camps that the progressive fascists would have climate deniers and all those who do not see the truth as they do inturred for the rest of their insignificant, insufficiently brainwashed lives.

A Brief Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Legal Problems–A Friends MusingsNothing is as it seems, however, and the the “leftists” wearing masks throwing molotov cocktails at the police are mere  stooges in a game that is designed to fragment America into warring camps, as the elites accelerate the imposition of martial law and destroy what’s left of our freedoms. Will they allow their chosen servant of the devil to lose to Trump? One way or the other; as I have mentioned many times over the past few years, 2016 will be the considered, with the luxury of the hindsight of future historians, the most significant years in not not only American history, but that of the entire world.

Clinton expressed worries about exposure of personal emails at State Dept.
Hillary Clinton expressed concern in November 2010 about the risk of her personal emails becoming accessible after one of her top aides said they needed to discuss putting her on the State Department’s email system.

The revelation of the exchange between Clinton and Huma Abedin was included in a report from the State Department’s inspector general that was released to lawmakers on Wednesday.

The report concluded that Clinton violated the agency’s email rules when she chose to exclusively use a private email server during her four years at State Department and did not promptly turn over records after she departed the agency.

This “woman”, if elected President, will put the big C back in country

Source: Clinton expressed worries about exposure of personal emails at State Dept. – POLITICO