Hillary’s Left Legacy at State

Hillary’s LEFT Legacy at State

by Michael Stanford Long

In 1950 Wisconsin Republican Senator Joe McCarthy was hitting the banquet boards in Wheeling W. Va. In his lordly manner, Joe stated that there were 205 employees in the State Dept. known to be members of the Communist Party. Joe was dead wrong. His totals, (although fluctuating frequently and sometimes as high as 284) were far too short. As confirmed by the Venona Tapes, the Dept. was riddled with Communists and fellow travelers.

The Venona Tapes are the encoded Russian radio messages intercepted by U.S. Intelligence and laboriously broken over a period of many years. To these decoded messages we can attribute the confirmation of U.S. diplomat, Alger Hiss as a paid up member of the Communist Party. Alger did a couple of years in a Federal Pen for perjury in this connection. He is probably the more famous Red on Joe’s list.

Image-1 hillJoe’s political rise was quite swift and his fall from grace was comparable to the first dive of any half decent roller-coaster. The only results accruing from Joe’s patriotic efforts was the uncovering of some commies at State, and the term “McCarthyism.” This term is attributed to an old left-wing cartoonist, Herb Bloc and was perpetuated by the pink fellow-travelers of the left-wing literati and media. In the 50’s this group represented only a small percentage of the Democrat Party. Today they are solid 100% knee-jerk far, far lefties. The Republican elites were just as stupid and imperious as they are now, and Joe was thrown under the Adlai Stevenson campaign bus. Joe was censured by the Senate, and seven years after his Wheeling speech he was dead, aged 48. A sad ending for the Godfather of the late Bobby Kennedy’s daughter Kathleen.

Hillary-1The preceding vignette is interesting in that a comparison can be made between the State Dept. of today and that of the 1950s. Apparently, the years 2011 and 2013 (yes, the Hillary years as Sec. of State) were wonderful years for the Payroll Patriots at State. As their gallant leader it would be easy to imagine her as a rather lame task-master over her army of acolytes. Hillary is forever claiming that she is the most travelled Sec. of State in history. Of course, how else was she able to close so many deals with foreign countries that accumulated billions of dollars for the Clinton Fraudation along with shilling for Buba in order to coral those ultra-fat speaking fees.

When Hillary was away, the diplomats could play. We also know Hillary spent an awful lot of time texting and emailing outside of her office in the non-SCIF (sensitive compartmentalized information facility). Hillary was seldom at the State Dept. home offices so her beautiful bureaucrats enjoyed plenty of relief from her paranoid pressures and vase tossing temper tantrums. That they loved her is quite obvious. In the 3 years after her reign, her incompetence is still being covered up, and cooperation with any of the inquiries and lawsuits is right up there with the false delays perpetrated by the crooks at the IRS.

It is of interest that the State Dept. asked a judge involved in FOIC litigation for 27 months to furnish emails from 4 former Clinton aides. One would easily deduce that Hillary’s lawyers have had enough practice, (they deleted and scrubbed 30,000+ emails for her) to permanently erase the illegals and produce the innocuous drivel. The State Dept. goes to great lengths to protect their former leader.

Ex-congressman Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin (Hillary’s top consultant on things Arabic) must love Hillary as not only was she on the State Dept. payroll, (Special Government Employee, SGE) at 135k per annum, she was gathering a paycheck through The Clinton Fraudation.  Add to this the Teneo Corp. (335k) an alleged Bubba consultancy and Huma is raking in over half a million in salary and poor hubby Anthony is home unemployed and hanging around the internet. Huma must have enormous loyalty to Hillary and her former State Dept. Talk about a Payroll Patriot.

In light of Hillary giving away classified state secrets it is amazing that our bureaucrats at State are still so loyal. They seem not to care about our country or its secrets. FBI Dir. Comey summed things up about the State Dept. and its laid back culture: the “security culture” of the State Dept. pertaining to email in particular was “generally lacking in the kind of care…found elsewhere in the government.”

The State Dept. is obviously filled with what can only be described as The Hillaryites. In Joe McCarthy’s day it was the Communists. State culture has remained the same since the 50s and is a permanent home for the Left. Once in a great while a tidbit on Hillary is leaked to the media with no lasting effect. If some die-hard right wing optimists are thinking that Hillary will one day appear before a judge for sentencing they may be right, but the sentencing will look like the following:

A white haired distinguished judge in black flowing robes and a basso profundo voice says: “Hillary Rodham Clinton……….this court and a jury of your peers have found you guilty of all charges. You are hereby sentenced to not less than 4 years and no more than 8 years to the Presidency of the United States. You will be transported forthwith to the White House (and do not steal the silverware).   May God have Mercy on we poor Souls.”

Hillary Clinton’s Email Absolution: Two Parties, One Criminal Regime –

What was your reaction when you heard FBI Director James Comey announce to the world that the Bureau would not be recommending that charges be filed against Hillary Clinton over her handling of emails while she was Secretary of State?  Did you do a humorous spit take with your coffee […]

CiLhovdUYAAdhF3What was your reaction when you heard FBI Director James Comey announce to the world that the Bureau would not be recommending that charges be filed against Hillary Clinton over her handling of emails while she was Secretary of State?  Did you do a humorous spit take with your coffee like some modern day Danny Thomas?  Were you frozen in place like Americans were on November 22, 1963?  Did your jaw hit the floor with your tongue rolling out like a flabbergasted cartoon character?

Chances are you weren’t the least bit surprised that no charges were recommended.  But what does that tell you about our political system?

That millions of Americans weren’t remotely caught off guard by the exculpation of Hillary Clinton is less a commentary about American attitudes than it is a clear indication of the all-pervasive criminality that is at the heart of America’s political ruling class.  And the fact that such criminality is seen as par for the course demonstrates once again that the rule of law is more a rhetorical veneer than a juridical reality.

But consider further what the developments of recent days tell us both about the US and, perhaps even more importantly, the perception of the US internationally. For while Washington consistently wields as weapons political abstractions such as transparency, corruption, and freedom, it is unwilling to apply to itself those same cornerstones of America’s collective self-conception.

Hypocrisy is perhaps not strong enough a word.

Not Even Hiding It Anymore…    

IMG_2595Remember the good old days when corrupt politicians committed their crimes in smoke-filled rooms, making handshake deals in quiet corners of luxury hotel suites or over lobster at five star restaurants? Those things certainly still happen, but the transgressions, like all things, seem to have lost a bit of their classiness. It may not be the Plaza Hotel, but the Phoenix airport was no less a scene of wanton lawlessness and impropriety when former President, and soon to be First Gentleman, Bill Clinton met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The meeting, which only came to light thanks to the work of local ABC15 morning anchor Christopher Sign, has been widely criticized by pundits and legal experts from both sides of the political spectrum.  Naturally, questions about impropriety, and potential illegal tampering in a federal investigation, were immediately raised once the meeting was made public.  Of course, nothing was done to alleviate any of those concerns, calling into question the very impartiality of the investigation.

But the larger story has to do with symbolic message being sent by the meeting.  Specifically, there is one set of laws for American citizens, and an entirely different set of laws for political elites like the Clintons.

Source: Hillary Clinton’s Email Absolution: Two Parties, One Criminal Regime –