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There’s no room for agreeing to disagree anymore when what someone else disagrees with you about can potentially land you in prison or have your children taken away from you by Child Protective Services (CPS). Erica Carey and Cleve Goheen-Rengo, a couple from Washington state, recently learned this after being snitched on by a neighbor and tracked down by police and CPS officers over their decision to make alternative medical choices for their children.

256A90DB00000578-2944703-image-m-2_1423405096890According to reports, the couple decided to have a home birth last fall in which they birthed a set of twin boys, without ever going to a hospital or getting an ultrasound. A nosy neighbor heard Erica giving birth to the children inside her home and decided to call the police, who showed up at the residence and promptly invaded the couple’s personal privacy, accusing them of failing to adequately nourish and care for their children.

The couple’s children were ultimately removed from their own home for a short time over these allegations, escalating the situation rapidly to the point that, once the family got the children back, they decided to flee the area in order to avoid having their children abducted again by the state. A “Be On The Lookout” warning was issued throughout the West Coast as a result, and one obedient statist, after spotting the couple at a gas station in Santa Cruz, immediately called the police.

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via Holistic Christian families now criminalized in America; parents having to flee with children – NaturalNews.com.

  • Erica May Carey, 29 and Cleave Rengo, 23, have been in a custody dispute with Child Protective Services since the birth of their twins last November
  • Social workers turned up at Washington state home to take their children
  • However, the couple had fled with twins and their one-year-old son, Levi
  • More than a week later, family has been found at a California gas station
  • Carey allegedly kicked and headbutted police in a bid to keep her children
  • She has been arrested on charges including resisting arrest and battery
  • Couple – who live holistic Christian lifestyle – hit headlines last year after saying they lost custody of twins for having home delivery with no help 

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