Homan Square Allegation: Cops use Heroin on Suspects During Interrogations | How can anyone be proud of this, the New America?

imagesWe were warned many, many times by those with minds far more robust and well versed in human history than any we have today, certainly within the Beltway. Wars and the evils of empire, both political, military and economic inure a nations people to the worst in the human souls. They always, without fail, destroy a civilizations empathy. First to the pain and suffering of the “other”, those outside of the nation or the culture, then internally as this loss of humanness infects the coercive powers of the state– the police and the bureaucracies of government. We are now infected by a disease far worse than anything the CDC and the toddies of the pharma/healthcare industrial complex could ever manufacture, and there is no polluted vaccines for an individual’s loss of empathy for their fellow humans, citizens or not.  A civilization’s, a nation’s, empathy once gone is impossible to replace…thus America, at the fringe at first, but with an accelerating progress, becomes a self-devouring beast. We are on the road to an abusive tyranny–wake up America, wake up. The beast is at your doorsteps. 

heroin-used-at-homan-squareChicago, Illinois (TFC) – One of the more troubling aspects of the Homan Square interrogation facility is the death of John Hubbard who is said to have died of an accidental heroin overdose while in police custody after buying drugs from an undercover officer.

Prior to the other revelations about Homan Square, it would have just been assumed that the cops were incompetent and let the suspect shoot up the evidence. Then it would have been assumed that they were lazy when parts of the file missing. After the explosive revelations about the facility, the public has to wonder how a suspect was capable of shooting up while inside of a police facility. It is highly unlikely that a suspect on the verge of overdose would be out attempting to purchase narcotics. The only likely scenario is that he injected, or someone else injected him with, the narcotics inside the police facility.

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