The Horrible Truth About Barack Obama’s Presidency–Goodbye and Good Riddance!!

To the brainwashed, to the point of total irrationality, Obama fans please watch this video to the very end as Stefan Molyneux nails the truth. What is most likely, however, is that 99.9% of the deranged servants of progressive politically correct fascism do not even have the willpower to do so, for the overwhelming cognitive dissonance and emotional commitment to an absurdly false reality that encompasses this abject failure of a President will overwhelm them in a spasm of self-preservation. Obamaesque should be a term that replaces that associated with the hypnotic powers of Svengali. He is a pied piper and the totally false self-anointed God of a form of nanny state whose time has finally been passed.

America rejects you and by the time the real history of your reign is divulged over the coming months, the scandals you so eloquently denied, the treasonous actions taken by your administration over the past eight years and the detritus and sewage you have spewed forth across this nation, will become so blatantly apparent to all but the most indoctrinated and mindless of your acolytes. The only reason the American economy recovered at all, even at the anemic, worst ever expansion of any President in history, was the Federal Reserve monetized your reckless, obscene fiscal policies which has left the incoming administration  It matters little what todays polls say, as they are based on the aggressive assault on Trump by the mainstream media.The corporate media has been filled with vitriol in a very clear and unmitigated attempt to undermine the new President of the United States and at the same time producing one of the most obsequious, fawning and sickening coverage of the departing Obama the Narcissist In Chief of the Un-united States. Obama, you sowed the seeds of today’s discord and by utilizing the tools of State propaganda so effectively, in both the media and throughout the State run education system, that you created a generation of PC, progressive fascist Zombies whose definition of freedom of speech is so warped, dangerous and totally juvenile that the de-indoctrination process may take generations.

There has never been a greater disaster of a President in American history. The truth and history will not treat you kindly. The wave of progressive tyranny that started with the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson has peaked and soon, pray to God, it will dissipate on the sandy shoals of freedom and individual empowerment. Goodbye Obama, please let the door hit you on your ass when you leave the people’s house, [President Obama, interrupted by a heckler at a gay rights speech, dropped his pretense that the White House is “The People’s House.” Instead, he told the transgender woman, “You’re in MY house.” Obama was talking about same-sex marriage in a speech in the East Room when he was interrupted.] a house that you have done your best to destroy.

Goodbye and good riddance.