How Is This Not Criminal?

I am sure most everyone who cares about this sort of thing, markets and such, has already seen this over at ZeroHedge, but if not…. It is so beyond disgusting I felt compelled to repeat it.  I am sure Goldman has been shorting the stock over the past week or so, selling on the upgrade and keeping the rest of the short for the “green shoe”. In other words, sucking every possible cent out of the offering.

America is being raped, as we have been for years. Before the final fall of Rome the elites fled south with their ox-carts filled with their gold and lived long lives in their palaces. 

Call it criminal deja vu, all over again:

How Is This Not Criminal Goldman Underwrites 2 Billion Tesla Stock Offering Hours After Upgrading Sto

Source: How Is This Not Criminal: Goldman Underwrites $2 Billion Tesla Stock Offering Hours After Upgrading Stock To A Buy | Zero Hedge