How Mueller & President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History – Is The Hammer Is About To Fall?

Possible, yes it is. Though rather unlikely unless Mueller has received a guarantee of protection from Trump for the crimes that he has committed, including the coverup of the truth of 9/11. It is very possible as the crimes of the elites from Hollywood to Washington D.C. are so heinous, the depth and breadth so astounding that in order to bring the case not only to the courts, but to the American people, the Trump team may need the time to build the full case against the cabal. This may account for the astoundingly slow process of bringing the Clinton Cabal to justice. The need to overcome the massive rogue Deep State’s almost complete ownership of the mainstream mechanisms of propaganda with overwhelming evidence and ultimately with police force, requires stealth. The screech of the criminals all over Washington and within the halls of the press rooms and TV news studios has become deafening.

It is because they know that if they can not remove President Trump now, if they can not prepare the American public with their absurd Russian covert control over the actors about to release the tidal wave upon them, they will end the rest of the miserable lives in a dank, solitary cell or worse. As the crimes committed, from treason to pedophilia, child sex trafficking, abuse and murder, to the medias consistent subversion of justice and complicity in these crimes, either directly or under RICO laws, the death penalty for the Clinton’s, Obama, Holder and others at the very top are not entirely out of the question. The Rule Of Law in America must be reinstated, no matter how painful. How else can we awaken the idiotic, brainwashed fascist left and remove the blinders from their eyes and the indoctrinated, group think cobwebs from the brains? 

How can we compartmentalize the actions of the Hollywood elites, from rape to rampant pedophilia, when just last week a major Wall Street player with a dedicated penthouse for rape and torture had bragged he had raped his own child? Who in their right mind thinks that Dennis Hastert’s pedophilia stopped back in Illinois, for once a pedophile always a pedophile. The American Congress is filled with these monsters, thus the bipartisan, across the aisle attacks on the President? And how can anyone dismiss the fact that Bill Clinton traveled to Jeffrey Einstein’s Pedophile Island double digit times and Hillary at least six. The divisions within the upper echelons of power with the President have nothing to do with political ideology, its about crimes and the rampant pedophilia and associated Satanism for the select that Trump is already exposing across the nation.  

The For those of us that have been wondering why the Sessions Justice Department has not moved more rapidly to prosecute even the most obvious crimes of the Clinton’s and so many within the former Obama administration, including the black Jesus himself, it may indeed be simply because of the reasons briefly mentioned above and in more detail below. Let us pray that this is so!!!!

Grab Your Popcorn, the show is going to get very interesting.

-How Mueller amp President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History

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Source: How Mueller & President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History – Liz Crokin