How to save the Universe from certain death – the least of our worries!

There are a few more important things out there to be worried about these days than the inevitable death of the universe which, of course, may be one among an infinite number of universes. However, I am sure there is something in the universes inevitable entropic death that one can apply to the impending implosion of finance crony capitalism and the “American Way.” For the true worrywarts out there, it is an interesting thing to ponder all the same. Useless, but interesting.

We are doomed. Our best efforts to reproduce, to conserve, protect and survive will, in the end, come to nought. We could sort out climate change, dispose of our nuclear arsenals, ban research into killer AIs, and still the end would come, as surely as night follows day.

The problem is physics itself. Our home – our planet, our Solar System and indeed our entire Universe – has a finite lifespan. All that is will be destroyed, either in fire or, as observations suggest now seems more likely, in a lingering, depressing ‘heat death’. The stars will all go out, and the expanding cosmos will be no more than a colossal, black and freezing void in which nothing of interest ever happens again. The laws of nature insist upon it.

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via How to save the Universe from certain death – Michael Hanlon – Aeon.