Human Experimentation Cover Up │ Documentary on Secret Government Experimentation on Americans

iraq_torture_01Do you honestly believe that the American genetic pool has so improved that we are no longer “like” the Americans that lived just a generation or two ahead of you? Or, for that matter, that our civilization, our social and political ethics has progressed to a sufficiently higher plane of humanity that the depravity exposed in our very recent past is no longer stalking our nation? Abu Grhaib, uranium tipped armaments and bombs, cluster bombs, torture–these are just the visible manifestations that such is not the case, what is hidden from us may stay hidden for a few generations and then, after a period of temporary outrage and disgust, the bureaucratic machinery pf the American Fascist State will just pick up wtorture-4here it left off. No one is every prosecuted and even rarely demoted. All States are, or tend towards, evil.

The more powerful and extensive the State the more evil it becomes. Denying that the American experiment set in motion by our nation’s founders at the tail end of the European Enlightenment has failed and that our government and all of its massive army of bureaucrats have not, consciously or not, become a gestalt of evil–is to deny human nature. It was our innate human nature that the Constitution was designed to protect ourselves from. The State, in any form, when not bound by the rule of law, migrates over time, no matter how pristine and lofty the original intents toward tyranny and dictatorship. In fact, democracies, where even the rule of the majority is enforced through coercive means upon the minority are especially prone to this process. The Ancient Greeks knew this, our founding fathers knew this and yet, we 080225_r17107_p465now watch in lobotomized apathy as our government takes our freedoms, our property and rights and pretend that it can’t happen in America. Ignorance is bliss, a truism until it isn’t. That time is now. The American Crony Capitalist Fascist Empire is failing. It’s death throws will be painful, chaotic, bloody and turbulent–periods of socioeconomic systemic punctuated equilibrium always are so, but have likely radically increased with the advancement of technologies and weapons of war and control.