Human Work Becoming Redundant….Fascinating but….. The end game of the American Mind

ty 2Transnational capital has subordinated virtually the entire world’s population to its logic and its domination through these processes. In this sense the world’s people live under a dictatorship of transnational capital (in the literal sense of the word, such that transnational capital dictates) – a dictatorship more powerful, omnipresent, and deadly than any in history.

==Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Humanity (Robinson, William I.)

Deliberately damaging a child’s brain with a known faulty method of teaching reading is a crime.

So why don’t our schools teach everyone basic arithmetic? Because the dumbing-down agenda also covers math. It’s easier for government and politicians to steal from the public when they can’t add things up.

The truth that pure, unadulterated communist practice can be slipped into an American public school classroom with hardly a ripple from parents or anybody else is an indication of the depth of the public’s ignorance.

I am a freshman in High-school and recently in Spanish class our teacher introduced us to a teaching method called “cooperative learning.” In cooperating learning the teacher divides you into group[s] of four or five. He holds each and every student personally responsible for their group’s learning. Anytime we do work he takes one of the students assignments for each group and gives each person in that group the same grade as the person’s he took up.

When we take a quiz he gives each student the average grade for their group, therefore this could easily lower the “excelled” student’s grade and improve the student’s who slack off. My teacher believes that we should be responsible for teaching our fellow classmates in our group. My classmates and I feel as if this is unjust, and now we have spoken with our principal about this. As of now, we have not made any more progress toward finding a solution.

Cooperative learning, as described by the student, is indeed a good example of communist ideology in the classroom. The student is not judged by his individual effort but as a member of a group, of a collective.

The minds of millions of American children are being crippled, their futures handicapped, their self-esteem destroyed by educators who should know better. This criminal malpractice is going on in virtually every community in the nation. And yet, there is little one can do about it. The professors of education won’t listen; after all, they write the textbooks. The book publishers publish what the educators want and what the textbook committees will adopt. The classroom teachers know no other way to teach; the professional organizations promote these faulty methods; and principals, administrators, and superintendents leave the teaching of reading to the “experts.”

Is it any wonder that socialist societies lose their economic vitality and creativity because the individual is negated in favor of the group?  

==Crimes of the Educators (Blumenfeld, Samuel) –-(Very Important Book)

Billionaire Cartier Owner Sees Wealth Gap Fueling Social Unrest

Johann Rupert, the South African who has made billions peddling Cartier jewelry and Chloe fashion, said tension between the rich and poor is set to escalate as robots and artificial intelligence fuel mass unemployment.

“We cannot have 0.1 percent of 0.1 percent taking all the spoils,” said Rupert, who has a fortune worth $7.5 billion, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. “It’s unfair and it is not sustainable.”

The founder and chairman of Richemont, whose 20 brands also include Vacheron Constantin and Montblanc, said he expects advances in technology to lead to job losses after having read books on the subject recently. Conflicts between social classes will make selling luxury goods more tricky as the rich will want to conceal their wealth, Rupert said in a speech Monday at the Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit in Monaco.

“How is society going to cope with structural unemployment and the envy, hatred and the social warfare?” he said. “We are destroying the middle classes at this stage and it will affect us. It’s unfair. So that’s what keeps me awake at night.”

Rupert, a university dropout whose father made a fortune setting up Rembrandt Tobacco Corp. and selling it off, has in the past made other social critiques. Nicknamed ‘Rupert the Bear’ for his pessimistic views on the economy, the 65-year-old refers to himself as a “reformed prostitute,” having spent a decade as an investment banker. He said in 2008 that the collateral damage from the financial crisis was yet to come.

“We’re in for a huge change in society,” he said Monday. “Get used to it. And be prepared.”

Something very dangerous is coming. Because the process that has brought us to this point has castrated the American people and turned them into complacent eunuchs obediently serving the court of the Leviathan few seem to care or even are aware of the coming deluge. But it is this lack of awareness, this lack of protest itself that provides evidence for the heralding of the coming tyranny. The blatant disregard for the law by the power elites , the endemic corruption and the brazenness of the looting of the American people is the ultimate indication that the generations of dumbing down and brainwashing through  the socialist John Dewey’s insidious “educational” goals has achieved its intended ending–a collectivist, transnational mind.  This is why I have so little hope. Look to the classrooms of America’s public schools where the malleable minds of our children are being trained for only one purpose; to be good, docile foot soldiers mouthing the propaganda that has been repetitively drummed into their heads by socialist teachers intent on creating little Al Gore environmentalists, sexual deviancy, anti-Christian and anti-American functional illiterates.

Look no further than liberal-progressive fascism rampant on the college and university campuses of this rapidly deteriorating nation. There can be no thoughts, no actions, no independent minds that transgress against the ideology of what is, in essence, the building blocks of a socialist society. At least one for the masses, but not for the elites. Christianity is replaced by environmentalism, the worlds newest transnational religion. Creative thinking destroyed with “learning” by simple memorization of words and reconstituted histories that favor the myths that fracture allegiance to the nation, to American values, family and all moral and ethical absolutes. This was the stated goal of John Dewey and his devoted Fabian acolytes in the dawn of the 20th Century. Few bother to read his works today, despite the fact that they are the absolute lodestar of the modern American educational system, but the purpose of generating a dumbed down proletariat class was clearly stated by him throughout his destructive life.

There are only two ways to reset this process. The first is simply time. It will take a concerted effort, a revolt by the parents and the minds not yet brainwashed, to reset the whole edifice and purpose of the American educational industry with its hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries and sycophantic supporters. Despite the revolt against Common Core, a foundation and socialist devolved program that will finish off all hope of mental freedom in America, it will not likely happen. The array of powerful forces and money behind the final phases of the destruction of the American mind are too many, too powerful and too well financed. It will also take generations to remove the stain of the intended dumbing down and socialization of the youth of America. As almost all but the home schooled and privately educated have for generations now also been, to one degree or another, brainwashed by the Dewey socialist agenda and disastrous teaching methodologies, a sustained revolt is unlikely.

The other way, the most likely path to a rebirth of the American mind is through a period of socialist, progressive socioeconomic and civilizational destruction that leaves no doubts to the egregious errors laid bare by such a collapse. This is the path we are on. This is the path that will lead to a rebirth of the absolute, necessary and painful as it will be. It will also lead, before the ultimate catharsis, to a period of tyranny imagined only by the words written in the novels of the great dystopian authors of the last century: Orwell, Huxley and Burgess.  

A civilizational tectonic revulsion is coming, the carefree disregard for all the values that America once stood for, even though never truly achieved, by the power elites from Wall Street to the Capital and within the transnationalist capital class itself provide the proof that the nation has been lost. These are also the actions of a class that knows full well that it will be protected by the powers of the State at all costs, even during the coming destruction. In the process, the permanent proletariatization of a vast portion of America’s and the world’s workforce’s is all but inevitable.

The pool of the compliant will increase dramatically as a vast army of the unemployable, functionally illiterate and well socialized becomes totally dependent on the State. What chance for a rebirth of freedom, liberty and a free creative citizenry is there without collapse? Unfortunately, despite the ebb and flow in the battles to retake our own destinies, the wins are Pyrrhic–the long war is almost won, but not by the common man (or woman). It was conducted over the past 100 years with stealth and patience. It was conducted while we slept. 

People and Power – The Technology Threat

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A two-part Al Jazeera documentary examines how technology is hollowing out former mid-range skill, middle income jobs, and how that process is set to intensify over the coming decade. My brother and sister-in-law, who are both in outsourcing, say the studies they’ve seen on the number of jobs expected to be displaced come up with mind-bogglingly high estimates.

The documentary acknowledges that Luddites in the past have worried about workers being threatened by the march of technology when in fact growth has led to more jobs. But things aren’t that simple. The first two generations of the Industrial Revolution led to lower standards of large swathes of the population. And the prognosis for lower and even many higher skilled workers now is grim, with experts saying that they see the potential for substitution of workers as far greater than in other periods of technological advances.

Needless to say, these forecasts explain the reluctance of the top wealthy to continue to support public education. They don’t anticipate needing as many skilled workers. Moreover, well educated under-employed citizens would make for a more effective opposition.

Worthy of your time.

Source: People and Power – The Technology Threat | naked capitalism

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