Who is hunting Angela Merkel? | Nothing Is As It Appears–Important Analysis

Fascinating analysis and given the many layers of fiction that is wrapped around the truth of the American Empire’s and the transnational elite’s real goals and the machinations to achieve them, on both sides of the pond, it is very likely this is fact.

Last September we published an outline of the analysis produced by the Russian investigator Vladimir Shalak on the hidden aspects of the Twitter-based campaign to lure the Middle Eastern refugees into Germany.

quote-what-is-reality-an-icicle-forming-in-fire-dogen-81-10-85Having studied 19000 refugee-related original tweets Shalak claimed that the great exodus to continental Europe was artificially arranged by non-European actors. The latest wave of migrant-caused violence in the number of European cities on New Year’s Eve sparked another intense anti-Merkel campaign in German and European social media, and yielded  additional data for Shalak’s in-depth research.

truth-and-reality-hiThe presented  evidence clearly demonstrates that the whole Refugee Combination was arranged by the US-based agents to frame up Chancellor Merkel and warn her against the defiance and independent stand for the European sovereignty. Quite noteworthy is that the seemingly polar opposite platforms (ultra liberal of George Soros and far right of vague US-located twitter bots) are eventually pursuing the same political goal – to oust German leader from her office and impose the TTIP on Europe.

Below we will share its preliminary results. 

Who is hunting Angela Merkel