I am Mad as Hell and Can’t Take it Anymore!

Occasionally, I am absent from posting because I am caught in the web of some brilliant book that, unfortunately for my mental health,  is likely to be delving into realities of our world and its history that, although fascinating in a macabre way, reveal such unpleasant truths that I wonder if those living within the lies and propaganda, that are force-fed to us every waking moment, are not better off remaining in a state of blissful ignorance.

Other times, I just get so overwhelmed with the surreal insanity of the domestic and global news, both real and purported, that I become frozen in an existential moment, one that can last hours or days, like Jacob Horner in John Barth’s novel End of the Road, “On my weatherless days my body sat in a rocking chair and rocked and rocked and rocked, and my mind was as nearly as empty as interstellar space.” (Barth 287) 

For someone who has suffered from depression and perhaps a bit too many wild evenings of “over consumption”over the years, and who was once a relative well-known Wall Street mini “Master of the Universe”, having made many millions and now is totally flat broke, I sometimes wonder if my passion for truth is the healthiest of personal pursuits. But, I still am surrounded by an immense pile of books, my two wonderful Labradoodles, computers, gorgeous Newport by the Sea, and a physical health and appearance that belies my occasional bouts of reality induced nausea. I mention this only because occasionally there are large gaps in my productivity during periods, such as the past few days, that seem rich in images and actions that can only be described as scenes out of the most complex theatre of the absurd and most deserving of comment, intelligent or otherwise.

It is said, however, that the ability to see through the thick gauze wrapped around our eyes by the masters of illusion and falsity that is the product of our fascist government, its acolytes and supporters, is enhanced for observers who have broken through the mental chains of their own existential entrapment.  On the other hand, it is possible that all is as it is portrayed and that the Obama administration, the entire federal Leviathan and the doyens of America’s corporate boardrooms, actually do place the well-being of the American people as their top priority and that all will be well with the world.

Possible, anything is possible, but absolutely not on this planet nor of this dimension. What I think is needed now, however, is for a Gandhi-like period of massive civil disobedience. Not the futile, bordering on ludicrous media fanned protests that erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, but a true, nationwide strike of all of those who feel that they can’t take it anymore.

Going to the windows and screaming it out at night is not enough. Going to the voting booths to elect the same old party partizans who are just representatives of differing factions of the same ruling fascist elites that have driven this country to the abyss is not enough. No, a complete shutdown of all businesses and the daily consumption that drives them by the “people” of America for as long as it takes or as long as we can hold out, this is what is necessary to bring the government to its knees. We can settle only for the complete dismantling of the  federal State and along with it all of its assumed coercive police powers.

A general, pervasive strike against a system that is out of control by a peoples that have been cowed into repudiating all of our individual rights, our freedoms and our liberties over generations is the only means of ending the nightmare that has become Police State, Fascist America. A collapse is coming. It is inevitable. Perhaps, just perhaps, a controlled demolition on our terms would be better than the chaos and tyranny of the one coming on their terms?

Either choice, the road ahead is going to be treacherous, it has already become so. The collapse of the American Empire is being accompanied by the implosion of what once was proudly termed “Western Civilization” and there is no substitute to carry the banner. To those within the governments of the West, “right” or “left”, the academics and the denizens of the corridors of the propaganda machinery that has supported them, be careful what you have wished for. There will be many Robespierre’s when the dust settles.