If These Were White Thugs, What Do You Think NBC Would Say?

Blacks are statistically 50 times more likely to attack whites than vice versa

A 73-year-old grandmother continues to recover at the hospital following a carjacking on Sunday afternoon. The Grandmother was white–listen to this broadcast of the NBC station in Kansas City, do you hear one word about that effectively describes the attackers who brutally beat this woman up while stealing her car? If there is any purpose in describing this attack, besides sensationalism, it should be to help the police find the criminal thugs–their age is not going to do it. What color do you think they were? If a group of white thugs beat the crap out of a 73 year old black women in Kansas City, do you think that the PC, Cultural Marxists at NBC would have mentioned this? Your damn right they would.

I am sick of this total BS Political Correctness and the vapidness of denying reality not to “offend” those who might run to their absurd safe spaces. This venereal disease was not designed by the power elites that are redefining American and Western culture in order to protect minorities at all; these destructive social memes that have infected every orifice and sewer of our world were put forth to destroy all sense of moral boundary, all belief in the absolute and to sow a bubbling anger in the remaining cohorts of our decaying civilization that have not yet been infected. And, that when it erupts will be put down with an increasing brutality by the coercive forces of tyranny. 

Source: 73-year-old woman recovering from violent carjacking – Story

Source: New Nation News – Black-on-White Crime

I don’t know if this a race thing, a stereotype affirmation, or just thugs being thugs, but a mob of black scumbags beat the shit out of a man because he offered to help them pay for their fried chicken meal. I do know that the helpful man was hospitalized in critical condition and that he was robbed after the beating.

The story goes like this: two back guys were in a Texas Chicken and Burgers in Brooklyn, NY a couple of weeks ago. They ordered some food but didn’t have enough money to pay for it. Another man in the restaurant offered to cover the difference and this set the two black men off.

The two thugs started yelling at the helpful man. Soon words became action and the thugs started beating the man. After the one-sided fight broke out a couple other thugs ran in and joined in the beating. It’s unclear if the late-coming thugs knew the first two thugs or if it’s a Brooklyn thing to pile on a helpless individual.

The victim was beaten mercilessly as he lay on the ground. The mob of thugs punched and kicked him until he lost consciousness.

Though not seen on the video, The New York Post reports that the victim had a cane and that the thugs took it from him and beat him with it. It’s possible that these thugs attacked a disabled man who tried to help them out, which makes this already horrific crime substantially worse.

Speaking of getting worse, as the victim lay on the floor, another thug came in and robbed him. A 5th black man can been seen going though the victim’s pockets and removing items, possibly a wallet and phone. Again, it’s unclear if the thief was associated with the beating thugs or if he saw an opportunity to be a complete dick and took it.

The 37-year-old victim was taken to the hospital where he was treated for multiple broken bones, cuts and bruises. He was listed as being in critical condition as a result of the beating.

Another thing to consider is that this attack may have been racially motivated. You can’t really see the victim in the video until the end when he is laying on the ground. You don’t see his face, but his hands look white. He could be white, Latino, or possibly a light-skinned black man. If he is white, that may have something to do with the attack.

Brooklyn has been a hotspot for black-on-white violence recently, as traditional black neighborhoods have been turning white due to hipster gentrification. Maybe these thugs were feeding off of the “hate-whitey” Brooklyn vibe and resented the man for offering to pay for their food. It doesn’t excuse the savagery, but maybe it helps explain how a simple act of kindness turned into a violent confrontation.

Source: Mob Of Thugs Beat The Hell Out Of Man Who Offered To Pay For Their Food