Illegal Aliens, Criminals, And Gays Are The Backbone Of This Country -Obama

According to Obama illegal aliens, criminals, and homosexuals are the people that keep the country running. In his final State of the Union Address, the president listed the people he considers the backbone of the nation. Noticeably absent from the list were normal hardworking taxpayers, traditional families, and American citizens.After slamming all of us for being so divisive, ignoring the fact that he exclusively plays identity politics, Obama further divided things by reeling off the folks he believes are the foundation of our country.

Obama Illegal Aliens Criminals And Gays Are The Backbone Of This Country

At What Point Do Obama Loyalists Begin Asking ‘Why’?

TraitsOfaSociopathBarackInsaneObamaHere’s what Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger said about blacks, “...human weeds, reckless breeders, spawning… human beings who never should have been born.” PP still targets blacks disguised as “women’s health.” Most PP clinics are in black neighborhoods. Blacks are only 12% of the population. And yet, 35% of America’s abortions are black babies. Sanger’s dream of purging the world of blacks is coming true as experts warn that blacks are aborting themselves into extinction.

At What Point Do Obama Loyalists Begin Asking Why

The working people of the American Union marked the past year, the year of the historic 7th Obama government year, with new successes in economic development and advancement of the people’s well-being and cultural level.

  • obama shitAll economic indicators are up.
  • The Party has eliminated unemployment.
  • The population of workers out of the workforce has gone down from ten million workers out of the work force before, to ninety-three million today. A clear sign that our central plan is on the right track.
  • Health insurance through ObamaCare has met even more success. Before ObamaCare the costs of healthcare for the workers was an astronomical 2.3 trillion dollars in 2007. Healthcare costs are now dramatically down from 2.3 trillion to only 4.1 trillion dollars annually today and are projected to go down more further faster!
  • On the world front the American standing in the world is the best it’s been in decades. Worldwide polls show respect for America has risen from 62% of those polled worldwide liking and respecting the United States seven years ago to 7% of the world liking and respecting the United States today. A dramatic increase by any measure.
  • images pat on the backThis new respect for America is due to the Party’s commitment to world peace which has resulted in global stability not seen before in our lifetime.
  • Domestic peace, too, has greatly increased. Again, the numbers speak for themselves.
  • In sum, the state of the Union is strong and you have every reason to be proud of the central planning and guidance of me.

You may stand, clap, and thank me now.

Source: Condensed version of Obama’s SOTU