Illegal or Not, Voters Are More Supportive Than Ever of NSA–The Irrationality of the Herd

image1328425964_400x400There is, after all, just one human activity left in which whole populations accomplish the union sacrée. It occurs in those middle phases of a war when fear, pugnacity, and hatred have secured complete dominion of the spirit, either to crush every other instinct or to enlist it, and before weariness is felt.

==Public Opinion: With linked Table of Contents (Lippmann, Walter)

Governments intentionally create fear in both domestic and foreign populations in order to maintain control. This is clearly shown through military operations such as the Phoenix Program and the Tavistock-inspired ‘shock troops’ spreading their ‘social turbulence’ across the globe.

==Operation Mind Control: The Cryptocracy’s Plan to Psychocivilize You (Expanded Researcher’s Edition) (Bowart, W.)

The Tavistock signature approach, ‘Future Shock’, is the ‘deprogramming’ of the subjects of a nation to a near vegetative state, through the use of torture and trauma, leaving a clean, blank state ready for subsequent ‘reprogramming’. Tavistock employs a protracted trauma on the population through a sustained campaign of fear and social uncertainty. This shellshocks the population over a period of time, in order to quell any detailed examination and maintain the social status quo.

==Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own: Mind control, mass manipulation and perception management (Sanders, Neil)

The greatest enemy that we have—to slightly adapt Roosevelt’s slogan about fear, that there’s nothing to be afraid of except fear itself—the greatest enemy we have is raised in our own mind.

==Western Civilization Bites Back (Bowden, Jonathan)

We want to believe these media when they tell us that Britain and America are attacking other countries out of humanitarian concern. We want to believe that the people in control are decent and rational. The alternative is disturbing, frightening; it can give rise to painful feelings of powerlessness. Above all, it can lead us to question whether we should assume moral responsibility for the state of our country and world – a burden many of us would rather avoid.

==Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning (Jonah Goldberg)

The falsification of the world had reached by this point even those in charge of it. Guy Debord wrote in 1978 that “it has become ungovernable, this wasteland, where new sufferings are disguised with the names of former pleasures; and where the people are so afraid … Rumor has it that those who were expropriating it have, to crown it all, mislaid it. Here is a civilization which is on fire, capsizing and sinking completely. Ah! Fine torpedoing!”

==The Spectacle of Disintegration: Situationist Passages out of the Twentieth Century (Mckenzie Wark)

Fear is the most potent tool that is used against the people by the State. Fear is a necessary phylogenitic evolutionary human response to external stimulus perceived as dangerous, it is not an emotion. Unfortunately, it is easily generated in herds through the manipulation of perception, through propaganda, lies and deception. An individual may assess the risks to their personal safety far differently than the group of which he or she is comprised and will likely go on about their lives with little behavioral response, but not so the herd. The herd becomes irrationally fearful as a gestalt, beyond the combined sum of the fears of each individual. Manipulating the herd through perception management, through control of the mass media, playing on the herd’s transcendent trust in authority despite the individuals skepticism’s, produces an uncanny acceptance of the herds fears as justified within the individuals that comprise it. In a human feedback loop driven by desires of participation,  group belief, no matter how irrational, becomes ones own.

Control the herd and the State controls the individual. We are 1,000’s of times more likely to die from mistakes and human errors in our nation’s hospitals than we are from a terrorist attack, even now within our increasingly porous borders. Yet, we are not asking our government to spend trillions of dollars, destroy our privacy and our freedoms or to trample on the American Constitution to protect us from far more realistic threats to ourselves and our families. The manipulation of fear has become a fine tuned artistic endeavor, the American propaganda machinery is the maestro of the herd.

The system can not allow reality to overtake its increasingly disjointed deceptions, the fear machinery will be ramping up now. Expect more false flags. Expect more diversions that generate group fears–from racial unrest and threats of terrorism. The crisis of the American Empire’s collapse, irrevocably intertwined with the disintegration of Anglo-American globalized finance capitalism will be masked, for a time, by fear. And we will, herd-like, renounce our inalienable rights and liberties to the producers of fear on the stage of the State encompassed within the theater of the absurd.

“Beware the bewildered herd,” for it is us.

H. L. Mencken famously said that “every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” By now, however, I am no longer ashamed, because I do not identify with the government under which I live. Rather, I view it as a criminal organization that without provocation has chosen to make war on my just rights—not only mine, of course, but everyone’s.

==Neither Liberty nor Safety: Fear, Ideology, and the Growth of Government (Independent Studies in Political Economy) (Robert Higgs)

Following a federal appeals court ruling that the National Security Agency’s mass collection of Americans’ phone records is illegal, voters are actually more supportive of the agency’s actions and put even more emphasis on preventing a terrorist attack over protecting privacy.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 44% of Likely U.S. Voters now favor the NSA’s tracking of phone calls and e-mails made by millions of Americans. Just as many (43%) oppose the practice. Thirteen percent (13%) are not sure. Support for the NSA’s data collection is up from 35% last November and is the highest measured since news of the practice broke in 2013. Opposition is down from a high of 59% at that time.

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Source: Illegal or Not, Voters Are More Supportive Than Ever of NSA – Rasmussen Reports™


Fear the greatest threat to our freedoms and liberties–and we will remain fearful and lost.